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11 accused of Glasgow ‘paedo ring’ involving ‘witchcraft, child rape & satanic animal killings’

A PAEDOPHILE gang forced a boy to have sex with a toddler while another girl filmed, court papers claim.

Six alleged members are also accused of trying to murder a child under the age of four by trapping her in a microwave, and further hanging her from a nail on a wall by her jumper.


Maureen Goudie – also known as McLellan – was among the accused but has since died
Details of the alleged child sex ring were heard at the High Court in Glasgow today


Details of the alleged child sex ring were heard at the High Court in Glasgow todayCredit: Alamy

Charges state they ordered two older kids to “force her to act like a dog” and made her “eat cat and dog food, causing her to vomit” during a decade-long abuse campaign against three children in Glasgow that allegedly also included rapes, witchcraft rituals and killing pets.

Prosecutors claim the six — Iain Owens, 43, Elaine Lannery, 38, Lesley Williams, 38, Paul Brannan, 40, and John Clark, 46, as well as the late Steven McHendrie, 55 — also pursued the child while “wearing a mask of the devil” and blew smoke into her face after taking drugs.

They and five others face a total of 42 abuse raps at the High Court in Glasgow dating back to 2010.

One charge alleges the youngest girl was pushed “into a microwave oven, an oven, a fridge, a freezer and cupboards including a cupboard containing an electricity meter”.

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It adds: “You did close and secure the doors thereby trapping her, to her injury and danger of her life and you did attempt to murder her.”

Prosecutors claim the 11 accused — seven men and four women — repeatedly raped the two girls and a boy during a decade-long campaign of abuse.

It also alleged the children were ordered to stab a budgie and dogs to death with knives and take part in witchcraft classes, with many other accusations too disturbing to print.

Papers also claim two of the victims were made to take part in “seances (and) use a Ouija board. . . to call on spirits and demons”.

Owens and Lannery, of Thornlie-bank, Renfrewshire, face claims they and 15 other adults — including five who are now dead — repeatedly raped the three children.

Paul Brannan, 40, Richard Gachagan, 44, Mark Carr, 44, John Clark, 46, Scott Forbes 47, and Barry Watson, 46, are accused of exposing themselves and performing sex acts on a tot as others cheered.

Lannery, Lesley Williams, 38, Leona Laing, 50, and Marianne Gallagher, 37, of Maryhill, Glasgow, allegedly “did clap, cheer and verbally encourage the conduct.”

Robert Brown, 50, Maureen Goudie, 50, and Steven McHendrie, 55, are also accused of rape but all three have since died.

A further two men, James McLean and Douglas Gachagan — both also now deceased — are said to have raped the older girl in separate incidents at various Glasgow homes.

They are claimed to have acted with Owens and Watson, of Mount Vernon, Glasgow, Brannan and Clark, both from Clydebank, Forbes, of the city’s Townhead, and McHendrie.

As well as the 16 named in court papers, the charges also refer to an unknown person in relation to an alleged assault on the boy.

It is claimed the suspect injured the lad to the danger of his life with Owens, Lannery, Brannan and Gallagher.

Court papers allege that they “did punch, strike and slap him” and hit him with a book, toys and a lighter.

They are also claimed to have chased him, pulled down his trousers and pants and struck him on his buttocks before putting him in a bath filled with liquid they said was blood. It adds that they did “push his head and body under said liquid and hold him there, restricting his breathing”.

The group are also alleged to have made him consume alcohol and drugs to the danger of his life.

Crown lawyers say child victims were further made to watch “classes involving witchcraft, point wands and utter spells thus causing them to believe that they could levitate”.

Owens, Lannery, Williams, Brannan, Gachagan, Laing, Gallagher, Carr, Clark, Watson, Brown, Goudie and McHendrie are accused of striking the girl on the head and body with objects including a pot.

Charges allege they also ran a wheelchair into her legs, put a polythene bag over her head and body and restricted her breathing.

Owens, Lannery, Brannan, Clark, Forbes, Gallagher, Gachagan and Watson all deny the charges.

Williams, of Lennoxtown, Dunbartonshire, and Laing, of Rutherglen, near Glasgow, also plead not guilty.

Carr, of Townhead, did not appear in the dock yesterday but pleaded not guilty through his QC.

Gallagher was excused during the hearing after taking a well. Judge Lord Beckett set another hearing for October ahead of a trial in September 2023.

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Lord Beckett set an eight week trial at the High Court in Glasgow for September next year.

A further hearing was also fixed for October.


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