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25 of The UK’s Most Expensive Dog Breeds in 2022

The UK’s most expensive dog breeds for 2022 have been revealed, with the average price for a puppy now coming in at £1,382.41 — lower than the same month last year, when the average price was just over £2,000.

Research by Pets4Homes found that many owners have experienced rising purchase costs, with the top breeds selling for thousands as a result of lockdown. This serves as a good reminder that we should all be adopting animals where we can and giving a home to a dog in need.

The American Bully have seen the biggest price increase, with people now paying £2,294.27 for the breed. Meanwhile, Border Collies have been the biggest decrease in price (49%) compared with the same period last year. Other expensive breeds for 2022 include Golden Retrievers (£1,831.74), Miniature Dachshunds (£1,658.72) and Labradoodles (£1,380.58).

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Take a look at the most expensive breeds below…

  1. American Bully (£2,294.27)
  2. English Bulldog (£2,221.08)
  3. Golden Retriever (£1,831.74)
  4. Pomeranian (£1,779.95)
  5. French Bulldog (£1,707.71)
  6. Miniature Dachshund (£1,658.72)
  7. Cavapoo (£1,637.06)
  8. Labradoodle (£1,380.58)
  9. Cane Corso (£1,349.53)
  10. Dachshunds (£1,342.41)
  11. Cockapoos (£1,336.15)
  12. Cocker Spaniel (£1,331)
  13. Labrador retriever (£1,271.20)
  14. Rottweiler (£1,215.84)
  15. Yorkshire Terrier (£1,156.85)
  16. Staffordshire Bull Terrier (£1,129.99)
  17. German Shepherd (£1,055.26)
  18. Pug (£1,017.83)
  19. Chihuahua (£1,009.53)
  20. Shih Tzu (£1,00.92)
  21. English Springer Spaniel (£970.97)
  22. Siberian Husky (£856.80)
  23. Jack Russell (£760.84)
  24. Mixed Breed (£714.27)
  25. Border Collie (£616.82)
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