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6 Comforting Dog Breeds That Can Help People Suffering With Grief

The pain of loss can feel overwhelming, but dogs could help people cope with grief. From Golden Retrievers to Newfoundlands, there are many wonderful therapy dog ​​breeds that make healing companions for people who are working through the loss of a loved one.

“Whilst dogs of any breed or background can and do support their owners’ wellbeing, certain dog breeds are particularly renowned for having a calm, loyal and affectionate temperament, something which is incredibly comforting for those who are currently grieving,” Bill Lambert from the Kennel Club tells Country Living.

“Of course, it’s important to note that any dog’s behavior and attitude depend on its training, socialization and individual personality.”

Take a look at the therapy dog ​​breeds that can help people grieving. Please note that these dogs have been suggested by vets at The Kennel Club.

1. Newfoundland

michal-rojekGetty Images

“This breed has lifesaving instincts and as such, as been one of man’s best friends for centuries. A gentle giant, Newfoundlands are also calm, patient and devoted,” Bill tells us.

two. golden retriever

golden retriever in park at sunset

Compassionate Eye FoundationGetty Images

“The Golden Retriever is known for being an intelligent and incredibly affectionate dog that provides a lot of support to their owners. So much so that they also make fantastic therapy dogs, providing emotional support to two-legged counterparts.”

3. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

portrait of staffordshire bull terrier standing on field,czech republic

Vladimir Cizmar / 500pxGetty Images

According to the Kennel Club, Staffordshire Bull Terriers are also great at helping those who are grieving.

“Often referred to as the ‘nanny dog’, they not only make wonderful family pets but can also provide a lot of emotional support to their owners, thanks to their sensitive and affectionate nature.”

Four. hungarian vizsla

muscular vizsla stands on edge of lake

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bill tells CL: “Whilst known to be a lively breed, the Hungarian Vizsla is very affectionate, obedient and sensitive. They are renowned for having a protective instinct so tend to be incredibly devoted to their owners.”

5. Maltese

maltese dog breed

Consu1961Getty Images

Maltese dogs are also great for emotional support, providing their owners with a boost of happiness when they are feeling low. “Suitable for those looking for a smaller breed, the sweet-natured Maltese tend to bond easily with their owners, who they love to give attention to.”

6. Irish Wolfhound

happy irish wolfhound

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“The Irish Wolfhound is the biggest of all the breeds and, despite their size, they are soft and calm – another truly gentle giant. Sadly the breed is classed as a British vulnerable breed owing to their low annual puppy registration figures, but they are a kind and friendly dog, who can enormously comfort owners during tough times.”

If you are struggling with grief, visit Cruse bereavement Support for someone to talk to or call their helpline on 0808 808 1677. Alternatively, head to the NHS for more information on the best grief charities.

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