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7 Best Dog Subscriptions 2022 | The Sun UK

BUYING food and toys for your pet can take a lot of effort. That’s why subscription boxes are a savior for dog-mums and dads.

Some of the best subscription boxes for dogs provide quality food that’s personalized to suit your pooch, and others are monthly gift boxes of toys and treats.

Meal plan deliveries are probably the most time-saving of all because they save you from having to shop for new food each month. After all, lugging home a month’s worth of meals from the supermarket can be a real pain.

Other boxes filled with goodies are perfect for surprising your dog each month. Have you ever seen a sad dog with a squeaky toy?



  • (AD) Subscribe to Wufwuf here

Love treating your doggo? Wufwuf’s box of magic is sure to spoil them every month.

You receive five or more products in your monthly package, starting from just £22.90 a month.

For a limited time WufWuf are also offering a free bone with every box, which will be automatically added to your order when you make purchase via this link.

Think bags of yummy treats, adorable quality toys and chew sticks: the stuff your pooch’s dreams are made of.


Pooch and Mutt


  • Subscribe to Pooch and Mutt here

When starting out with Pooch and Mutt, you have to fill in a questionnaire all about your dog to find the food that works best for them.

The subscription boxes feature a bundle of personalized goodies, from health supplies, to dry and wet food.

If you don’t want it every month then that’s fine too, you can choose the delivery frequency. And until the end of March, you can get 25% off your first order using the code AFM22NEW.



For monthly meals that are full of protein, free of added sugar and artificial colors and packed with great nutrients, Tails is a winner.

The meal plan is suited for your dog’s needs. All you have to do is tell Tails about your dog and their current health from her.

Then, you’ll receive a bag every month. Right now it’s 50 percent off your first box, so what are you waiting for?

Betty and Butch


  • Subscribe to Betty and Butch here

Some dogs enjoy the finer things in life… or their oweners just love giving them the finer things. Sound familiar? We reckon your pup will love the Monthly Meze by Betty & Butch.

You can choose from five different subscription boxes filled with high quality chews and treats.

From heavy chewers, to power chewers, they’ve got every doggo covered.

different dog


  • Subscribe to Different Dog here

Different Dog meals look good enough for humans to eat because they’re made with fresh ingredients, including 60 percent British meat, veg and fruit.

According to Different Dog, fresh food gives your dog a shinier coat, healthier skin, less allergies and less smelly poop.

One puppy parent writes, “This food has totally transformed our 15 month old pup’s life – he had terrible stomach problems but since we changed his diet to Different Dog he is literally a “different dog.””

Happy Pups


  • Subscribe to Happy Pups here

This subscription box promises to do what it says in the name, making your pup happy.

The monthly package is filled with dog grooming products, accessories, healthy treats, chews and toys.

We can’t get over how cute the birthday box is too.

Postman Pooch


  • Subscribe to Postman Pooch here

Another jam-packed box is the Postman Pooch service. Yes, there is actually doggy beer inside some of their boxes.

Not only does this subscription offer funnky themed boxes for birthdays, Christmas, Valentines and Halloween, you also receive free VidiVet care which is an app that allows you to ask any questions about your pet at any time, from anywhere in the world.

All 858 of the reviews online are good too, which really says something.

Are dog subscription boxes worth it?

Not only can dog subscription boxes save you time fussing over what and when to buy each month, they’re also great value because usually the food is healthier than what’s stocked in your local store.

Let’s face it, either way, our dogs are always going to jet to the door when the postman arrives, so why not give them something to run for?

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