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777 Charlie’s adorable Labrador shouldn’t tempt you to buy your own dog

Animal experts in India warn why the adorable 777 Charlie movie shouldn’t tempt you to buy your own pet dog.

If you need a feel-good film to watch this weekend, look no further than 777 Charlie which has just premiered for OTT streaming on the Voot Select platform.

The film features and hilarious heartfelt story of redemption, starring Rakshit Shetty alongside the lovable Labrador Charlie – who is also called Charlie in real life.

However, animal experts in India have warned how the film could severely impact the wellbeing of dogs across the country and indeed the world; with the endpoint being that only after serious consideration, you should adopt and not purchase.

Interest in Labradors spikes after 777 Charlie

After Charlie 777 premiered in theaters on June 10th, interest in Labradors significantly spiked across India as people rushed to try to bring their own Charlie home. However, this investment in the breed comes with its own risks to the animal’s wellbeing and the wider animal shelter industry in India.

Sachin Bangera, PETA India’s Vice President of Celebrity and Public Relations, noted to The Times of India how “When a certain dog breed is highlighted in the media, whether a pug by Vodaphone or a Labrador in 777 Charlie, people flock to purchase that breed while keeping desi dogs languishing in shelters or in the streets.”

Kaveri Rana Bhardwaj, the founder of the SMART Sanctuary, Canine Paralysis and Rehabilitation Center, explained how “777 Charlie’s director tried to show the bond between the dog and the human but the takeaway for many people was the fawn-colored Labrador. When Marley & Me released, demand for Labradors in India increased tenfold. We receive abandoned Labradors every week with severe genetic diseases and there is no treatment for it.”

“I recently tweeted about a fawn-coloured Labrador that was up for adoption. Someone shared it on WhatsApp groups and mentioned by mistake that it is a female dog. After that, I got 150+ calls after 11pm and I had to switch my phone off. I never get this kind of response for any breed. It was only later that I realized it was because of 777 Charlie.” – Kaveri Rana Bhardwaj, via The Times of India.

Bhardwaj added how “Shelter homes across the country are witnessing a higher demand for Labradors. My take is, see the bond, not the breed. The bond is ignored, abandonment has not stopped. We are crazy about breeds, but are we caring enough for them?”

“They have always been in demand as they are considered family dogs. People start associating the breed with a movie or an ad. The pug was in huge demand because of the Hutch and Vodafone ad – they remember the breed as the Vodafone dog. People get carried away but they forget that they need to take care of the pet as well.” – Dr Vinod Sharma, Head of Veterinary services at DCC Animal Hospital, via The Times of India.

Unfortunately, Sharma revealed the trend of how “If people start demanding for a breed in huge numbers, breeders will not follow any standard for breeding, which most breeders don’t anyway.” This can lead to severe genetic and emotional problems in many dogs, with the advice being for people “to not get carried away after watching a movie. Do proper research and know if you have the space and commitment to keep a dog.”

This is sadly an issue that has plagued anime-based movies and TV shows in the past with Sachin Bangera, adding how “Portrayals of specific dog breeds in films and television shows – including Game Of Thrones (Northern Inuit dogs that look similar to huskies) , 101 Dalmatians, Legally Blonde (chihuahua), and Men In Black (pug) – have reportedly caused massive spikes in sales of the featured breeds, and many of these dogs are evidently later left at shelters by their ill-prepared guardians.”

Why you shouldn’t buy your own Charlie, but adopt instead

The director of 777 Charlie, Kiranraj K, told Asian News Net how the trend of shopping for Labradors impacted his thought process on the film’s legacy, “According to what I’ve heard, breeders have been inundated with inquiries regarding Labrador pups as a result of the success of 777 Charlie. Knowing this is painful for me since the movie did not intend for it to be this way.”

The director then added how “The primary takeaway from the film “777 Charlie” is to “Adopt-Don’t-Shop,” which is explicitly stated by the protagonist in the film’s climactic moment as he starts the establishment of an animal rescue center .”

“It is really upsetting to learn that others are ignoring our message and engaging in “buying” or “inbreeding” when our intentions are sincere and kind. I want to stress once again that people need to concentrate on comprehending love and connecting since every dog ​​in the world is like Charlie and needs the same amount of love.” – Kiranraj K, via Asian News Net.

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Charlie’s new life brings children to tears

The good news is that Charlie, the now infamous canine actor, is enjoying life with Kiranraj revealed to Asian News Net how “Rakshit and I had adopted Charlie when she was a puppy, hence I don’t think she needs to find another home. She will stay with us in our homes.”

In an adorable video posted to his Instagram page, Kiranraj showed some small children images of Charlie at home – which caused them to burst into tears seeing that the adorable Labrador was indeed alive and well.

“The director has been working on it for 5 years now, and me since 3 and a half years. We shot for 167 days and shooting with a dog is not that easy. Audience enjoys that emotion, but shooting those scenes in real life is very difficult. It’s like 10x the challenge as compared to other films.” – 777 Charlie actor Rakshit Shetty, via Pinkvilla.

Kiranraj would then finally add how he chose Charlie to be the dog to feature in the classic movie, explaining how “When I saw the super hyper puppy, I decided to cast it. The puppy was trained for 2 to 2.6 years. There is a scene of Charlie hugging actor Rakshit Shetty, for that one-year training has been given.”

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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