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8 of the best dog-friendly bars and restaurants in Aberdeen

We love our furry friends – which is why we have put together a list of Aberdeen’s best dog-friendly bars and restaurants.

After all, you wouldn’t spend money at a place that barred your best human friend from the grounds. The same goes for your four-legged pal.

So next time you take the pooch out for a bite to eat, check out our suggestions for dog-friendly diners to avoid disappointment.

It’s the least you can do for your canine companion.

Address: 1 Queen’s Terrace, AB10 1XL

One of the hottest dog-friendly spots in Aberdeen, Amuse only opened this summer.

Luckily, owner and head chef Kevin Dalgleish knows the importance of your pooch, and the restaurant allows dogs into the bar area.

It’s rare that a higher-end establishment welcomes animals, so it’s great to see Amuse leading the way.

Address: 9 Belmont St, AB10 1JR

This Belmont Street cocktail bar and restaurant has a fantastic outdoor area where your dog is very welcome.

What’s more, the venue holds a number of doggy events that pooches just can’t get enough of.

A great opportunity for your dog to network, and make a few pals of his or her own.

Address: 52 The Green, AB11 6PE

Cafe 52 claims to be the first dog-friendly cafe or restaurant in the whole of Aberdeen.

And while this claim may be challenged by another establishment, it’s certainly true that 52 throws open a huge welcome to our furry friends.

You can take your dog to any part of this lovely spot in the heart of the city centre, and at any time.

That’s the promise of Cafe 52, which puts it among the leading spots in Aberdeen in which to pamper your pooch.

Address: 2 Guild St, AB11 6NE

This excellent craft beer bar and restaurant has a fine reputation for coffee as it roasts its own in house.

But its dog policy also gets the nod among Aberdeen’s canine cognoscenti. Pups and pooches are welcome at all times, and staff are happy to dish out a dose of water for thirsty tongues.

The venue doesn’t have a garden, however, so bear that in mind if your dog likes the outdoors.

Address: 6 Littlejohn St, AB10 1FF

Six Degrees North is a veritable canine creche – the last time I went in there with a dog we were met with Aberdeen’s answer to doggy day care.

Pooch pals love to meet up in this Littlejohn Street bar, partly for the dog-friendly welcome, but also because it serves excellent beer and great food in the form of Smoke & Soul’s meaty menu.

The only downside is that your dog may become jealous of all the food you are eating.


No list of Aberdeen’s dog-friendly bars would be complete without BrewDog. The Ellon brewer is named in honor of its founders’ own canine, and every BrewDog bar is zealously welcoming to pups of all shapes and sizes.

In 2018, they even introduced a doggy beer – called Subwoofer IPA, of course.

And, to further underline its love for dogs, the company offers all of its staff a week’s paid “pawternity” leave if they’ve just got a new pet. Meanwhile, if you want to host a party for your dog, then BrewDog has you covered.

Address: 66 Claremont Street, AB10 6QY

The Long Dog is a fantastic choice for dog owners in Aberdeen’s West End.

It welcomes dogs with open arms. Indeed, it encourages them, as the cafe sits right next door to sister establishment The Long Dog Boutique.

This cute little shop sells a wide range of doggy essentials such as pet food, jackets, harnesses and, of course, dog treats.

So while you tuck into coffee and cake, Fido is well catered for, too.

Address: Unit 2, 9 Esplanade, AB24 5NS

As the name suggests, Barking Mad is all set up to welcome your pooch pal.

The beach-side cafe, which is owned by dog-lover Val Inglis, has water bowls for thirsty pups and towels to dry off wet ones.

The cafe also serves up doggy ice-cream, and there are plenty of four-legged friends for your dog to play with.

For humans, Val offers a delicious range of cakes, milkshakes and other treats.

Barking Mad is the perfect dog-friendly destination for the end of a long walk along the beach or other beach adventures.

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[8 of the best dog-friendly bars and restaurants in Aberdeen]


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