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9 Reasons Parents Should Be Concerned By Andrew Tate

From TikTok soundbites to viral YouTube clips, Andrew Tate is the internet’s latest obsession but virality, is not some fickle, harmless trend.

The former kickboxer has gone from spreading his fringe views in quieter corners of the internet to building a cult-like following of millions of fans across various platforms.

Thanks to his online business coaching program, Hustler’s University, Tate has convinced his fans to quite literally buy into his message.

Under the guise of giving money-making advice, the program — which has been dubbed a pyriamid scheme by some critics — encourages it’s students to cut up clips of Tate and post them online in order to drive traffic back to the program.

Consequently, Tate now everywhere — particularly on platforms with a young, impressionable audience who are being exposed to his harmful rhetoric every time they scroll through their screens.

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Namely, Tate shared many misogynistic and degrading views on women. With the rhetoric he’s spreading, parents have good reason to be concerned about his recent emergence of him.

Here are 9 Reasons Parents Should Be Concerned By Andrew Tate

1. He believes women “put themselves in positions to be raped.”

On the heels of the Harvey Weinstein scandal in 2017 and the #MeToo movement, Tate posted a series of tweets claiming that women should “bear some responsibility” if they are raped. He also defended forms of harassment such as catcalling as “normal male behavior.”


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