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A look inside all their accounts

All I care about is Beth Mead and her dog x

The Lionesses have made history after their win at the Women’s Euro 2022 final against Germany. After 56 years, football has well and truly come home! The 2022 final is now the most watched women’s Euros in history, according to UEFA. Whether you are in awe of Leah Williamson and her de ella leading the team to victory or Chloe Kelly and her iconic goal that saw England win the Euros, what is the whole Women’s Euro 2022 squad actually like according to their Instagrams?

They live some pretty exciting and interesting lives, sharing snaps of them on holiday, with their partners or with their adorable pets. There is a lot to be adored about our champions. These are the Instagram accounts of the Lioness 2022 squad you need to be following if you aren’t already:

Leah Williamson

Instagram-handle: @leahwilliamsonn

followers: 500,000 followers

Arsenal player Leah Williamson is the captain of the England national team from Milton Keynes. According to, Leah has gained over 60,000 followers since the tournament began and could potentially earn £1,605 per Instagram post. She has the largest following out of the team.

Leah’s Instagram is full of training photos and professional shots of her during matches. She occasionally shares holiday photos and pictures with her family of ella.

Lucy Bronze

Instagram-handle: @lucybronze

followers: 380,000

Number two defender Lucy Bronze is the second most followed teammate on the Lioness squad, who has the potential to earn £1,377 per post on her Instagram. The defender is set to join Barcelona in the 2022/23 season but she has played for Manchester City and Liverpool.

Similar to Leah, her page is full of training and match day shots along with photos with her family and her dogs. Narla Bronze you have my heart.

Frank Kirby

Instagram-handle: @frankirby

followers: 330,000

Fran Kirby currently plays as a forward for Chelsea and the England national team. Fran has the earning potential of £1,246 per post on her Instagram page. Like her teammates, her Instagram is filled with match day pictures with the occasional selfie.

Alex Greenwood

Instagram-handle: @alexgreenwood3

followers: 330,000

Manchester City player Alex Greenwood’s Instagram is a massive vibe. Whether she’s sharing pictures of her de ella on holiday or with her de ella friends de ella of match day shots, there is no limit. Alex has the potential to earn £1,230 per post on her Instagram.

rachel daly

Instagram-handle: @racheldaly3

followers: 260,000

Rachel spends most of her time in America as she plays for the Women’s Soccer League, Houston Dash. Her de ella Instagram de ella is full of pictures with her de ella and her family de ella as well paid parntership posts with food and drink company NOCCO. Rachel has the potential to earn £941 per post on her Instagram page.

Ella Toone

Instagram-handle: @ellatoone

followers: 280,000

Manchester United player Ella Toone has gained over 35,000 followers on Instagram since the start of the tournament. Her Instagram from Ella is filled with training pictures and lavish night outs in Manchester. Simply stun if you ask me.

Beth Mead

Instagram-handle: @bethmead_

followers: 250,000

There is something quite wholesome about Beth Mead’s Instagram page. Whether it’s a bunch of pictures of her with her dog or Arsenal training shots, it just brings a huge smile to my face. Starting a petition for Beth’s dog to have her own Instagram account as we speak.

alessia russo

Instagram-handle: @alessiarusso99

followers: 260,000

Alessia Russo plays as a forward for Manchester United and since the beginning of the Euros has gained over 65,000 Instagram followers. Similar to her de ella teammate de ella Ella Toone, she shares photos of her de ella at fancy restaurants and the most adorable pics with her family de ella.

Millie Bright

Millie’s Instagram is full of training and match day shots from her Chelsea games and she is just smiling in all of them. What an absolute ray of sunshine.

Instagram-handle: @brighty04

followers: 220,000

chloe kelly

Instagram-handle: @chloekelly

followers: 300,000

The iconic legend that scored us our winning goal is Manchester City player Chloe Kelly. Her de ella Instagram de ella has a mix of photos of ella with her and her partner as well as match day shots. Chloe has earned the most Instagram followers out of the squad with a 160,000 follower increase.

Jill Scott

Instagram-handle: @jillscottjs8

followers: 170,000

Is Jill Scott an icon? And it is. The midfielder’s page is filled with match day shots but she also shares loads of pictures of her de ella with her family de ella and it’s just so wholesome, I could cry.

georgia stanway

Instagram-handle: @stanwaygeorgia

followers: 200,000

Georgia Stanway plays as an attacking midfielder for the Frauen-Bundesliga club Bayern Munich and is part of the Lioness squad. She has earned a whopping 33,000 followers since the start of the tournament and is showing no signs of slowing down. She shares cute snaps of her de ella and her de ella partner de ella on her de ella Instagram page de ella. There may be one photo of her with a fish, but it’s something I’m willing to overlook.

Lauren Hemp

instagram-handle: @lauren_hemp

followers: 148,000

Lauren Hemp is only 21 years old and is a forward for Manchester City and is on the Lioness squad. Since the tournament began, Laura has gained over 25,000 followers on Instagram which like most of her teammates is full of wholesome pics. Whether she’s sharing match day shots or photos with her family of her, it’s something to be adored.

Mary Earps

Instagram-handle: @1maryearps

followers: 198,000

Goalkeeper Mary Earps has seen a 20,000 follower increase since the start of the tournament. As well as being on the Lioness squad, Mary plays for Manchester United. Her Instagram from Ella is full of holiday photos and honestly they are such a vibe.

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Featured image credit via @bethmead_, @leahwilliamsson and @stanwaygeorgia.

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