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Adorable Edinburgh dogs looking for their forever homes this summer

The arrival of a pet changes the household completely, bringing new challenges but also endless joys and happiness. However, while welcoming a new addition to the family is always an exciting and cheerful moment, it is a big responsibility too.

Unfortunately, not every dog ​​owner manages the responsibility well, and therefore there’s always work for the DogsTrust, which helps rehome abandoned pets.

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Different paths lead dogs to the rehoming centre, but what they all have in common is the need for love, care and a new, welcoming forever home to be taken to.

Here’re just a few of the DogsTrust’s adorable dogs waiting for a new caring human to take them home. Might it be you they are waiting for?

Best friends Ralfie and Bonnie

Ralfie, an eight-year-old Pomeranian, and Bonnie, a seven-year-old Jack Russell cross, are best friends and never stray far from one another. To respect the couple’s special bond, DogsTrust is looking to find a loving person who would adopt both pets.

While Ralfie adores people, Bonnie can be a little shy at first, but they both enjoy cuddles, are fine to stay home alone for a couple of hours and feel good about traveling in a car. They also can live happily with children aged 14 and above and would love to have a private garden in their new home.

Find out more about Ralphie and Bonnie.

Indy, to Rottweiler cross

If you are serious about getting a dog and ready to put your time and effort into it, the three-year-old Rottie cross, Indy, would love for you to take her home.

Indy, a Rottweiler cross (Photo: DogsTrust)

Being a young dog, Indy still requires some training and needs a patient owner willing to put lots of time into training and settling her into home life. Over time, Indy will grow into a faithful family dog ​​who will protect and care for her humans.

Find out more here.

Lacey, a German Shepherd crossbreed

Lacey is a very active six-year-old girl who would be a perfect fit for an equally active, nature-loving human. So if you are looking for a companion to go on hikes and explore new natural beauty spots and walks, Lacey is the one you are looking for.

Lacey, a German Shepherd crossbreed (Photo: DogsTrust)
Lacey, a German Shepherd crossbreed (Photo: DogsTrust)

While Lacey can be picky about liking other dogs, she is very friendly and loyal to her family and will surely enjoy spending time in your company. She is also house-trained and will happily stay home for a few hours by herself.

Find out more here.

Griff, a retriever cross collie

This ten-month-old dog is sure to bring lots of new energy, fun and action into his new family. Griff is full of fun and is exceptionally playful. He is looking for adventurous owners who would take him on long walks and to explore new places.

Griff, a Retriever cross Collie (Photo: DogsTrust)
Griff, a Retriever cross Collie (Photo: DogsTrust)

While a quick learner, Griff needs his new family to be patient and ready to invest in his training and teach him some valuable life skills. He would like to be around his new family most of the time and will be great at keeping you company.

Find out more here.

Cedrick, Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Cedrick is an eight-year-old Staffie and is looking for a quiet and peaceful adult-only home with a garden where he can enjoy himself and his favorite squeaky monkey toy.

Cedrick, Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Photo: DogsTrust)
Cedrick, Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Photo: DogsTrust)

Cedrick feels good around people and is happy to meet new humans; he is also house-trained and is up for car travels. While cheerful and joyful, he prefers calmer environments and short walks and will feel his best in a peaceful house with homey owners.

Find out more here.


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