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Almost Home dog rescue’s latest residents

Two hopeful hounds are the latest residents waiting for their forever homes at the Flintshire-based rescue Almost Home.

Haymitch and Amber are the latest at the rescue who are waiting for the perfect family to adopt them.

Amber the brindle lurcher is approximately two or three years old and arrived at the rescue via the pound.

She wasn’t microchipped when she arrived at the rescue has named her Amber after her striking eye colour.

Amber (image: Almost Home dog rescue)

Amber isn’t a big dog, being somewhere between whippet-sized and greyhound sized.

The rescue describes her as a little shy to begin with but comes around fast. They say she loves human company and as soon as she trusts you, she she’s by your side.

At the rescue, Amber has been good on her walks and walks ok on a lead. She is strong, but settles quickly, and can walk with or without other dogs, but she is not cat friendly.

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The rescue said: “We feel that Amber could maybe live with another dog. This girl is not worried about traffic and she is happy to walk with anyone!

“It looks like Amber may have had a litter or two however, she’s now booked in to be spayed so those days are behind her!

“We feel that Amber would love a home where she’ll have a lot of human company as she loves nothing more than a game of fetch and will do anything for a treat. She knows her basic commands from her such as sit, stay, run, play and fetch and travels well in the car.

“Amber would be fine in a home with sensitive, dog-savvy children. She has been clean and non-destructive in her kennel and is a very trainable and motivated dog, who could go far.”

Haymitch came into the care of Almost Home Dog Rescue from Southern Ireland and is described as ‘one cool dude’.

The Leader: Heymitch (image: Almost Home dog rescue)Heymitch (image: Almost Home dog rescue)

He is a three-year-old German short-haired pointer who is fully vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered.

Almost Home describes him as an ‘easy’ dog who walks great on a Gencon lead, walks happily in traffic, and passes other dogs without an issue.

They also said that he is very obedient and clever, and knows many commands such as sit, stay, drop and wait.

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He is also housetrained and crate trained but does need an active home ideally with someone who can take this lad on adventures and give his mind and body daily exercise.

This doesn’t mean hours and hours of walking, around an hour and a half walk per day, is sufficient if there’s an opportunity for him to play too.

Haymitch is still like a big puppy and can get over-excited from time to time however, with some basic training this is improving and will continue to improve over time with the right people.

Almost Home said: “Haymitch adores people and loves a cuddle and, when out and about, he has been brilliant with strangers. He has a fabulous nature and is more than happy being handled.

“He loves being with you and learning new things but equally is happy to be left for up to 4 hours. Haymitch really will be someone’s best friend, he’s a loving, goofy, and friendly fella who just makes you laugh – you’ll fall in love as soon as you get to know him.

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“We believe he could live with dog savvy kids that don’t mind an enthusiastic pointer who gives kisses…he’s just a gorgeous oaf!

“He is a hungry lad so is still learning to leave you alone when eating, however, he is clever and picking this up really well.

“This is something to be continued in his forever home. We are looking for an active home for Haymitch with plenty of exercise, both mentally and physically as he can get bored fast, so he needs tiring out. This lad is going to be better as the only dog ​​within the household.”

Remember to complete the form if you’re interested in adoption:

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