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Best Pet Insurance for Preexisting Conditions

What Is the Best Coverage for a Pet With a Preexisting Condition?

Despite exclusions for incurable preexisting conditions, there are still pet health insurance providers that will cover your pet’s medical care going forward.

Here, we will dig into the pet insurance providers that offer coverage for curable preexisting conditions, the requirements needed to qualify and additional factors such as coverage options, waiting periods and deductibles.


Curable Condition Requirements: Embrace will cover a curable preexisting condition once your pet is treatment- and symptom-free for one year from the date of the last symptoms. Some conditions Embrace deems curable include respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, bladder infections, vomiting, diarrhea and more. Embrace does not cover preexisting bilateral conditions. However, if a bilateral condition arises after coverage begins, it would be covered.

For coverage to begin, Embrace requires you to have a documented vet visit within the past 12 months before enrollment begins.

Coverage Options: Embrace offers an accident-and-illness policy that covers vet bills related to these unexpected circumstances. Additionally, Embrace covers conditions such as cancer, dental trauma, hereditary conditions, chronic conditions and more.

Embrace also offers a wellness coverage plan with three reimbursement level choices — $250, $450 or $650 — which covers routine care services, including wellness exams, vaccinations, flea, tick and heartworm prevention, grooming, microchipping and more.

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Curable Condition Requirements: Spot will deem your pet’s preexisting condition curable only if it has been cured without treatment or has been symptom-free for 180 days. Knee and ligament conditions are excluded from this policy. If a knee or ligament issue occurs prior to enrollment or during the waiting period, future related issues will not be covered.

While a vet exam isn’t required to begin coverage, you must submit your pet’s medical records as part of the application process.

Coverage Options: With Spot, pet parents have the option of either an accident-only or accident-and-illness plan. A more budget-friendly choice, the accident-only plan covers injuries including bite wounds, broken bones, swallowed objects and toxic ingestions. The accident-and-illness plan also covers treatments for health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, infections, heart disease and more.

Spot offers highly customizable plans with multiple options for coverage limits, deductibles and reimbursement levels. Additionally, a preventive care add-on is offered at reimbursement levels of either $250 or $450 for routine care visits. These include vaccinations, spay/neuter procedures, dental cleanings and wellness exams.

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Curable Condition Requirements: Like Spot, the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance policy dictates that a condition is no longer preexisting if it’s been cured, symptom-free and treatment-free for 180 days, except for knee and ligament conditions.

For example, if your cat was diagnosed with an ear infection before your coverage began, treatment for that condition would not be covered. However, if your cat came down with another ear infection 180 days or more after the initial one was cured, it would be covered.

Coverage Options: ASPCA Pet Health Insurance also gives pet owners the choice of its accident-only plan and Complete Coverage plan, which is comparable to a standard accident-and-illness plan. While the accident-only plan will cover unexpected injuries, the Complete Coverage plan extends to cover illnesses, certain conditions (such as hereditary, congenital or chronic), behavioral issues, alternative therapies and emergency care.

You can add a Basic or Prime wellness care add-on — covering up to $250 for Basic and $450 for Prime — for services such as dental cleanings, routine wellness exams and vaccinations.

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Curable Condition Requirements: With Fetch, curable preexisting conditions can be covered, as long as signs or symptoms do not recur in the first year after your policy’s effective date. You will also need a vet exam that shows the condition is no longer present, which can happen at a routine annual checkup.

Note: When signing up for a policy with Fetch, if a vet has not seen your pet within the six months prior to your enrollment, pet owners must complete a wellness exam within the first 30 days of the start of their policy.

Coverage Options: Fetch by The Dodo offers pet owners one comprehensive accident-and-illness policy for treatments for diseases and injuries such as surgery, medications, diagnostics and hospitalization. Additionally, this plan covers sick-visit exam fees, behavioral therapy, alternative therapies and dental trauma/injury in its base plan — items that are not usually offered in standard plans from other providers.

Fetch also provides the flexibility for customers to adjust their plan with several options for deductibles, annual coverage limits and reimbursement rates.

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Curable Condition Requirements: According to Figo, a curable preexisting condition is a one-time illness, such as an ear infection or upset stomach, that has gone 12 months with no signs or symptoms.

Where Figo differs from the other providers on this list is it cannot 100% guarantee that a curable condition will be covered after the 12-month period has elapsed. Figo’s claims experts will review the medical records and vet notes submitted with your claim to determine whether the condition is eligible for coverage.

Coverage Options: Figo has three levels of accident-and-illness coverage: Essential ($5,000 annual coverage limit), Preferred ($10,000 annual coverage limit) and Unlimited (no annual coverage limit). Each of these plans covers expenses related to emergency care, diagnostic testing, surgery and other treatments for unexpected illnesses and injuries. A wellness care add-on is also available in some states, which reimburses you for costs related to routine care such as exams, vaccinations and dental care.

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Pets Best

Curable Condition Requirements: Unlike other providers, Pets Best does not have a time constraint on curable conditions. Once the condition has resolved and requires no further treatment, Pets Best no longer considers it preexisting, and it can be covered going forward should it recur.

Similar to Figo, Pets Best cannot guarantee that any and all curable preexisting conditions will be covered until it has been received and reviewed your pet’s recent medical history and notes from your veterinarian. This is because certain curable conditions could potentially turn into chronic conditions or be a symptom of a larger medical problem.

For example, urinary tract infections can be a one-time illness, but could also be a symptom of diabetes. If your vet found it to be the latter, Pets Best would consider it a preexisting condition and your claim for this condition would be ineligible for coverage.

Coverage Options: Pets Best has several options for accident-and-illness and accident-only coverage. Its accident-and-illness coverage, called the BestBenefit plan, is available at three levels. Each one covers treatments and procedures for illnesses and injuries, emergency care, specialist visits, and congenital and hereditary conditions.

The accident-only plan covers broken bones, bites, swallowed objects and injuries from being struck by a moving vehicle. Pets Best also offers a routine care add-on at two levels, which covers certain preventive care services such as exams, spay/neuter surgery, flea, tick and heartworm prevention, microchipping and more.

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Compare the Best Pet Insurance Providers for Preexisting Conditions

When weighing the pros and cons of each provider, keep in mind your monthly budget. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, you may want to consider providers such as Spot that allow pet owners to customize their deductibles, annual limits and reimbursement rates, as these factors will directly affect monthly premiums.

Additionally, you may wish to consider providers that offer wellness coverage options, since routine care visits are an ideal way to proactively catch any developing conditions early.

Below, we compared the best pet insurance providers for preexisting conditions based on price, waiting periods and discounts.

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