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Broadcast gives details of private investigation in Dee Warner case

An investigator working with relatives of a missing Franklin Township woman provided more details of his investigation into her disappearance on an online show Sunday evening.

Billy Little Jr., an attorney from Arizona, is working with relatives of Dee Ann Warner, who went missing just over a year ago, to try to figure out what happened to her. Little said he and retired homicide detective Chris McDonough do not take payment when they work on cases like Warner’s so that they can avoid accusations of bias. Little said they “started from zero” as they conducted witness interviews, document and property reviews and collected other information.

“There are witnesses to everything that I’ve shared,” Little said.

Little presented his case as what he and McDonough described as similar to a closing argument in a trial. Little appeared on McDonough’s show, “The Interview Room,” on YouTube. McDonough travels the country and focuses on “fascinating people and stories, unsolved crimes & mysteries, and captivating adventures,” according to his channel’s “about” information.

Little’s presentation focused primarily on Dee Warner’s husband, Dale Warner, their relationship and what happened on April 24-25, 2021. While much of the evidence Little laid out was circumstantial, he used an example of instructions judges read to juries before they start deliberations to explain that juries can consider circumstantial evidence like they would direct evidence.

presenting the case

Much of what Little presented was laid out in a news release he issued just before the one-year anniversary of Warner’s disappearance, but he included some new details Sunday. He described how the Warners met and had an office romance while they were each married to other people. They each divorced, then they married in 2006.

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