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Crates are still best option for Max’s potty training

Question: We just adopted a 2-year-old Lab mix who apparently was never really potty trained. I know you’re a big proponent of using the crate, but not me. Is a crate mandatory here or is there another way?

Answer: If you’re not going to use a crate to potty train him, it really takes a lot of vigilance. Because even though he is older, you’re circling back to give him the same training he should’ve had as a puppy.

Gregg Flowers

The main advantage to a crate comes from the fact that your dog is a den animal and should have a natural attraction to it. Dogs that don’t have crates usually demonstrate some sort of “denning behavior.” They’ll get under desks and tables, or in corners. The other advantage to a crate is that dogs have a natural aversion to soiling their den. Crates should be just big enough for your dog to lay down in, and turn around.

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