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Demonstrators Take Five Dogs After Storming UK Research Facility Which Allegedly Breeds Animals for Experiments

Animal rights demonstrators this weekend stormed a UK research facility, which has been accused of animal breeding for experiment. The demonstrators took five dogs from the controversial research center after breaking through its premises.

An urgent investigation was underway following the incident in Wyton, Cambridgeshire, which also reached a High Court judge in London. There is an ongoing hearing regarding the case, which includes matters relating to illegal entry into the said research site.

The specific cause of the recent demonstration was not provided. However, local reports point out that the protest aim to rescue the felines from an animal surgical procedure called vivisection. The medical operation will give name to the ongoing animal rights protest movement called the anti-vivisection protests.

In November 2021, the protest movement reached nationwide headlines when British singer and songwriter Will Young reportedly got involved in a demonstration at the site. Animal activists involved in the movement adds to the isolated yet increasing animal rights and animal welfare advocacy worldwide.

Animal Rights Protest

(Photo : Photo by SEBASTIEN BOZON/AFP via Getty Images)

An informant related to the case has informed a judge at a High Court hearing in London on Monday, June 20, that a number of protesters illegally entered the research company’s site in Wyton. The judge narrated that the incident was a serious one and the police have already attended the matter, as cited by local media outlet The Echo.

The hearing includes two protesters who have been waiting for a sentence in relation to a contempt of court rulings after a prior hearing in May. The previous were both found guilty of breaching an injunction by entering an exclusion zone deemed by local authorities, the UK media agency said.

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Anti-Vivisection Coalition

Based in London, England, the said movement is officially known as the Anti-Vivisection Coalition (AVC), whose members are against animal testing and advocate applying humane methods of animal experimentation.

The AVC demands that researchers and other scientists in various fields reduce or stop animal testing and vivisection in general.

The movement was also perceived to be an influencer of a separate yet related group called the Stop Vivisection Initiativewhich was launched through a petition in November 2012, attracting millions of signatures.

The second group also called the European Union to also ban animal testing.

Anti-vivisectionists have their roots for decades back. In April 2001, protesters pressured scientists to deduct the number of animal testing during the World Laboratory Week.

Experts said the activists could be missing the point since academics were finding a solution already at that time, as cited by The Guardian.


Animal testing has been widely used as a means to advance theoretical knowledge and practical scientific methods, including in the fields of biology, genetic studies, and medicine.

In the United States, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) stated over 100 million animals, including dogs, cats, fish, birds, mice, hamsters, and guinea pigs die each year inside US laboratories used for biology lessons, medical training, and other test activities.

PETA also cited various research and surveys; wherein a Pew Research Center poll revealed that 52% of Americans are against in the use of animals for scientific research.

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