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Dogs stranded abroad as families face changing rabies rules | App

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — She thought she had done everything necessary to bring their dog from Kenya to their new home.

She’d had the rabies shots updated in Nairobi. She’d had a vet there check the spotted spaniel for worms and sent photos of Toffee’s teeth to prove she was at least six months old. She’d scanned her husband’s passport, gotten an export permit, filled out dozens of US and international forms.

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kAm$96 H:D96D >:=:E2CJ 2?5 8@G6C?>6?EH@C<6CD A@DE65 @G6CD62D H6C6 6I6>AE]k^Am

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kAmx? >@DE 42D6D[ E96J 42? @?=J 7=J 😕 E9C@F89 7@FC 2:CA@CED 😕 }6H *@C< r:EJ[ {@D p?86=6D[ pE=2?E2 2?5 |:2>:] %96 rsr 4@?EC24ED H:E9 AC:G2E6 724:=:E:6D E@ 3@2C5 56E2:?65 5@8D]%96 8@G6C?>6?E 5@6D?’E 92G6 @G6CD:89E E96C6]k^Am

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kAm!6E6C u:EK86C2=5 😀 2 C6E:C65 AC@76DD@C 2E $E6ED@? {2H $49@@= 😕 vF=7A@CE 2?5 92D G@=F?E66C65 H:E9 :?E6C?2E:@?2= 5@8 C6D4F6 8C@FAD 7@C b_ J62CD]w6 25@AE65 2 8@=56 ? C6EC:6G6C 7C@> %FC<6J 2?5 2?@E96C :? u=@C:52]sFC:?8 6I2>D[ 96 3C:?8D E96> E@ $E6ED@? E@ 96=A D@@E96 DEC6DD65@FE DEF56?ED]k^am

kAmw6’D 6?4@FC2865 23@FE E96 C6G:D65 C68F=2E:@?D]qFE 96 5@6D?’E E9:?< E96C6 2C6 6?@F89 6?ECJ A@CED]w6 36 =:6G6D E96 rsr ?665D 2? 25G:D@CJ 4@>>:EE66]k^Am

kAm“(6 ?665 @?6 286?4J @G6CD66:?8 E96 AC@46DD[” 96 D2:5] “~?6 D6E @7 CF=6D 7@C 6G6CJ@?6 3C:?8:?8 😕 5@8D]”k^Am

kAmq67@C6 E96 32?[ @?6 @7 E96 8C@FAD 96 96=AD H2D D6?5:?8 b__ 5@8D 2 J62C E@ E96 &]$][ D2G:?8 E96> 7C@> >62E >2C<6ED :? %92:=2?5]k^am

kAm}@H[ 96 H@CC:6D E96 :?4C62D65 92DD=6 – 2?5 6IA6?D6 – >:89E >2<6 DF49 2 >:DD:@? :>A@DD:3=6]k^am

kAm“r@>A2DD:@? 5@6D?’E 92G6 :?E6C?2E:@?2= 3@F?52C:6D[” u:EK86C2=5 D2:5] “qFE 25@AE:@? 766D H@?’E 6G6? 4@G6C @FC 6IA6?D6D]”k^Am

kAmu:?2==J[ D96 92D 2 A=2?]k^am

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kAm$@ @? pF8]ad[ 96C 7C:6?5 H:== 7=J H:E9 %@7766 7C@> }2:C@3: E@ uC2?<7FCE[ v6C>2?J[ E96? E@ q@DE@?] q@==CF5 H:== 5C:G6 E96 c__ >:=6D E96C6 7C@> s]r]k^Am

kAmp?5 27E6C D:I >@?E9D[ 96C 8:C=D H:== 92G6 E96:C 5@8]k^am

kAm%96J 42?’E H2:EE@ E2<6 %@7766 E@ 2 5@8 A2C<[ E@ E96 5@88:6 4276 E96J 5:D4@G6C65[ E@ A:4< @FE 2 AFAAJ A@AD:4=6]k^am

kAm%@ 4F55=6 @? E96 4@F49 2?5 92G6 96C 9@>6]k^Am


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