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Expert shares handy tips to cut huge costs on pet insurance as a first-time dog owner


Insurance company ManyPets shares advice on finding the right insurance cover for your pet and what to look out for as a first-time dog owner – with clever tips and tricks to lower the cost

Looking for pet insurance can be a daunting task

As a nation of dog lovers, we’ll go to any lengths to protect our four-legged friends.

But with the cost of living continuing to rise, owners are looking for ways to manage their finances while ensuring their pets remain happy and healthy.

Pet insurance brand and wellness experts, ManyPets, offer their top tips and advice to guarantee you’re paying the right cover at the right price.

Steve O’Callaghan, head of UK insurance product innovation at ManyPets, said: “Finding the right insurance cover can be daunting for new pet owners.

“There are lots of different factors that can influence costs and being aware of these can help you pick the right policy for your needs.”

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Understanding your pet insurance cover is the first step



1. Selecting the breed

Choosing the breed of pet to bring home is an exciting process, but be aware the pet and breed you get will affect your insurance costs – something to consider from the offset.

Steve says: “Insurance for older dogs tends to be higher as they’re more likely to need vet treatment, while certain breeds will also have higher costs due to associated health problems.

“For example, Frenchies and pugs can have breathing and skin issues that will be reflected in their costs.”

2. Choosing the right location

Where you live can also have an affect on insurance prices.

Steve says: “Vet costs in cities tend to be higher, so your pet insurance will be too. But no need to relocate. Simply keep this in mind when making other choices, for example when picking your pet’s breed.”

Breed and location can have a huge impact on price


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3. Pinning down the policy

Aside from selecting your breed, there are a few things you can do to influence your pet insurance price.

Steve explains: “Some policies will be lower cost compared to others, but owners should be careful about choosing lower limits or cheaper policies.

“Lifetime policies have cover limits that reset every year you renew, which means you can claim for a condition year after year.

“Other kinds of policies may be cheaper at first glance but can run out of cover – make sure to do the research to find the policy that works for you and your pet.”

4.Understanding excess

Many companies let you choose your excess, which is the amount you cover when you claim.

Steve explains: “If you choose a higher excess, your monthly premiums will be lower.

“You may also be able to choose a co-payment, for example, paying 20 percent of every claim alongside your excess. Again this can lower your premium. If you have an older dog, these options might be compulsory.”

There are ways to get your money back if you don’t claim


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With ManyPets, you can also get money back if you don’t need to claim.

Steve says: “As part of our offering, we have an option you can add to three of our policies that gives owners 20 percent of their annual premium back each year they don’t need to claim.

“We’ve paid back £2,153,133 to customers since launching the policy in 2017. The average customer can save over £80 per policy year, however, some customers have saved up to £713.20.”

5. Getting the most out of your deal

It’s also worth looking for companies that offer more than just insurance.

Many include things like free video calls with vets and discounts on a flea and worming subscription, which can save owners money and a trip to the vet.

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