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Former exchange student helps Ukrainian refugee

Aita Flury was an exchange student from Switzerland who lived with us for the school year 1985-1986. She spoke German and came here to have the opportunity to learn English. We, in America, are fortunate because English has become the universal language for business people to use when doing transactions with people from other countries.

Her stay with us was a good learning experience for us as well as for her, and I’m thankful we’ve kept in contact. We’ve visited her in Switzerland and she’s been back here to visit us. Email has made communication easy and she told us in her recent one of her that she was currently housing a Ukrainian refugee.

Valentyna lived in Odessa, Ukraine, and left soon after recent the Russian invasion of her country began. She went first to Poland, then to Berlin, Germany, and on to Zurich, Switzerland. Over 40,000 refugees have been registered in Switzerland; children, women and elderly men — men between the ages of 18 and 60 can’t leave their country, they must stay and help with the war.

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