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Groomer shares how often you should wash your dog – and it’s not very frequent


Expert dog groomer Dee Beveridge has over 12 years’ experience washing canines and says you should only give your pet a deep shampoo and condition every 6-8 weeks to keep their coat healthy

Overwashing can take away your dog’s natural shine

Dogs enjoy getting muddy and running through puddles, so it’s easy to assume that they need washing often.

But while it’s important that you keep your pup’s coat clean, it’s also essential that you don’t bathe them too frequently.

An expert groomer is sharing how often you should give your dog a deep shampoo and condition – and it’s not as frequently as you may think.

Dee Beveridge has over 12 years’ experience and says owners should only wash their dogs six times a year.

Dee, who works with natural dog food brand Barking Heads, told The Mirror: “Generally, it is recommended to bring your dog for a bath, blow-dry and brush out every 6-8 weeks to keep the coat healthy, shiny, and smelling fresh.

Washing your dog every two months is recommended



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“The deep shampooing and conditioning will support coat health and production of essential natural oils within the coat, visually presenting a shiny, smooth appearance.

“But, I would suggest not to wash your dog too regularly as this can dry out the coat and skin, leaving them vulnerable to potential health issues.”

It’s important to take into consideration your dog’s breed and coat type.

This will dictate how regularly their coat will need washing and potentially grooming.

If your dog is a mucky pup, they may need washing more regularly, such as once per month.

Dee said: “It’s also worth noting that certain breeds such as your Labradors, Huskies and German shepherds have double coats that may require fumigation, this is to remove any dead hair that may be trapped.

You can dry out their coat if you shampoo too often


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“You will probably notice your dog moults substantially (especially during certain seasons) and has a build-up of dead hair, especially around their back end.”

Certain coats require specific brushing and drying techniques to ensure that the coat dries correctly, such as poodles and bichon fris├ęs.

“Blow-drying is a very important part of the process,” Dee says.

“Blow-drying the coat fully can be a long process, especially for thicker coats but will ensure you avoid that ‘wet doggy smell’ that remains when they aren’t dried properly.

“To finish, I always like to use a dog-friendly perfume or aftershave, leaving them smelling clean as a whistle.

Your dog should have a regular care routine


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“The results of a bath and brush-out are significant to you and your dog’s everyday life, and make a noteworthy difference to their coat condition.”

Grooming is just one step of your dog’s care routine that needs to be maintained.

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