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I’m the wife now, but they keep inviting the previous one

Dear Amy, I started dating my husband back in 2012. We’ve been married now for six years.

We have both been married in the past and have adult children. He and his ex were married for 13 years. They have two boys that I have helped to raise. They are now adults.

My husband’s ex-wife is a wonderful person, she truly is. She is very close with my mother-in-law and remains in her life de ella, which is fine.

My problem is that I have just now started to meet the “family” and I still don’t know all of them.

Whenever there is a family function on his side, my husband’s ex is always invited. I feel like no one will ever know me because she is still always there at all the functions.

We have a graduation party to go to and she is also invited to that.


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