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May First Friday 2022: 27 things to do in Lancaster County, from a pet-themed art exhibit to gift ideas for Mother’s Day | Entertainment

There’s a little something for everyone in Lancaster city during this month’s First Friday.

Some events include a pet-themed art exhibit (complete with treats for dogs and humans alike), a wine and pickle pairing to accompany a high schooler’s art exhibit and a spring-themed organ concert.

Be sure to check with event coordinators before going out, as the rainy weather forecast may interfere with some events.

Here are 27 events to check out for First Friday this month.

Art Alley

The city of Lancaster and the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design teamed up to create the Art Alley. It was initially planned to be in the alley between the Lancaster City Visitor Center and Lancaster Central Market, but because of the potential for rain it will now be inside the Visitor Center on the second floor.

More information: Lancaster City Visitor Centre, 38 Penn Square, Lancaster | hours: 5 to 8 pm | more info

Baldwins Gallery

Baldwin’s Gallery in Altana will feature works from artists Jazmine Gabriel, Thomas Valentine, Jain Falcon, Stephen Georges, Megan Nelson and Antwain Williams.

More information: Baldwin’s Gallery in Altana (second floor), 26 E. King St., Lancaster | hours: 5 to 9 pm | more info

Curio Gallery & Creative Supply

Curio will continue to display works from Jeremy Waak’s collection, “Post-Industrial Fetish,” which uses metals like copper, silver and brass to make machine-like art.

More information: Curio Gallery & Creative Supply, 106 W. Chestnut St., Lancaster | hours: 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. | more info

Scott Bookman will release his collection of “Unknown People Trading Cards” at David Lyall Home & Design for this month’s First Friday.

David Lyall Home & Design

Works from Lancaster artist Scott Bookman’s collection “See the Unknown” will be on display at David Lyall Home & Design. The collection features “Unknown People Trading Cards,” which are small drawings of people Bookman doesn’t know.

“Unknown People Trading Cards began as an exercise in drawing. During the pandemic, I decided to draw at least one every day. Although the people I draw are unknown to me, I’m often told that viewers recognize someone they know. I find humor in the absurdity of trading cards that no one will ever trade,” Bookman says in a statement.

The exhibit runs through May 28.

More information: David Lyall Home & Design, 241 N. Prince St., Lancaster | hours: 5 to 8 pm | more info

Deerfoot Downtown

Deerfoot Downtown will host works from artist and high schooler Oliver Brown, with an artist’s reception and wine pairing. The Lancaster Pickle Company’s taco pickles will be served with the wine.

More information: Deerfoot Downtown, 348 N. Queen St., Lancaster | hours: 6 to 8 pm | more info

Demuth Museum

The Demuth Museum will host works from Helen Berggruen’s collection, “Between Two Worlds.” Berggruen typically paints interior designs and sprawling landscapes. She also recently was part of an artist residency at Elizabethtown College. The exhibit will be on display through July 24.

More information: Demuth Museum, 120 E. King St., Lancaster | hours: 5 to 8 pm | more info

First Reformed Church

Organist Larry Hershey will perform “Organic Reflections: Songs of Spring” in a 30-minute concert experience. Hershey will be joined by flutist Darlene Way. Together, they will play compositions like “Tambourin” by Francois Joseph Gossed, “You Raise Me Up” by Brendan Graham and Rolf Lovland and “Toccata” from Symphony V. by Charles Marie Widor.

More information: First Reformed Church, 40 E. Orange St., Lancaster | hours: 8 to 8:30 pm | more info

The Framing Concept

The Framing Concept will host works by photographer Cameron Ferdinand. The event will also feature refreshments.

More information: The Framing Concept, 328 N. Queen St., Lancaster | hours: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. | more info

Freiman Stoltzfus Gallery

The Freiman Stoltzfus Gallery will open with original floral paintings and sales on paper prints and framed prints in time for Mother’s Day.

More information: Freiman Stoltzfus Gallery, 142 N. Prince St., Lancaster | hours: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. | more info

Gallery Grow

Gallery Grow will stay open later for First Friday, celebrating with a complimentary herb-infused wine for those who stop by. Musical duo Mike & Drew will perform.

More information: Gallery Grow, 150 N. Prince St., Lancaster | hours: 5 to 8 pm | more info

Historic Preservation Trust

The Historic Preservation Trust will host artist Thomas Foster Hermansader for a pop-up art show. Hermansader’s paintings are inspired by Lancaster County landmarks, like the Ephrata Cloister, Hans Herr House and Sickman’s Mill, among others.

Read more about Hermansader in a recently published article from writer Mike Andrelczyk.

More information: Historic Preservation Trust, 123 N. Prince St., Lancaster | hours: 5 to 9 pm | more info

Karen Anderer Fine Art

Karen Anderer’s gallery will continue to host artist Georganna Lenssen in a solo exhibit titled “Abstracted Alchemy: freeing realism.” The exhibit runs through May 7.

More information: Karen Anderer Fine Art, 146 N. Prince St., Lancaster | hours: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. | more info

Lancaster Galleries

Lancaster Galleries will continue to host works from painter Robert Bitts. His paintings by him focus on nature, particularly landscapes and spindly tree branches.

More information: Lancaster Galleries, 34 N. Water St., Lancaster | hours: 5 to 8 pm | more info

Mark Wagner

Mark Wagner will release his collection made from deconstructed money called “Art Made from Money (Made from Art)” at the Lancaster Museum of Art for this month’s First Friday.

Lancaster Museum of Art

The Lancaster Museum of Art will host works from Lancaster-based artist Mark Wagner’s collection, “Art Made from Money (Made from Art). Wagner creates art from deconstructed money “to explore the intersection of wealth, power, value and American identity,” according to the museum’s website.

More information: Lancaster Museum of Art, 135 N. Lime St., Lancaster | hours: 5 to 8 pm | more info

Lancaster Science Factory

Every First Friday, the Lancaster Science Factory offers free admission and features over 70 interactive exhibits for kids and adults alike to enjoy.

More information: Lancaster Science Factory, 454 New Holland Avenue, Lancaster | hours: 5 to 7 pm | more info

Miesse Candy

Miesse Candies will sell special gift baskets for Mother’s Day, which include a glazed pot, flower bulbs and a gift certificate for Gallery Grow. All proceeds benefit Lancaster Conservancy. Additionally, pints of Pensupreme Ice Cream are $1 off.

More information: Miesse Candies & Ice Cream Parlor, 118 N. Water St. #102, Lancaster | hours: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. | more info

Pets 2022.jpeg

Mulberry Art Studios will host their fourth annual We Love Our Pets art show.

Mulberry Art Studios

Mulberry Art Studios will host an event dedicated to pets in all their glory. The art show, called We Love Our Pets, will feature more than 100 artists who paint their animal companions. The Sebastian Foundation for Animal Rescue will be there collecting donations, and there will be treats for humans and dogs alike.

More information: Mulberry Art Studios, 19-21 N. Mulberry St., Lancaster | hours: 5 to 8 pm | more info

The Parrot Gallery

The Parrot Gallery will continue to host an exhibit titled “South Africa Reflections” from Lancaster-native artist Renee King. This exhibit focuses on King’s oil paintings inspired by her trips to South Africa. The exhibit will continue through May 29.

More information: The Parrot Gallery at Community Mennonite Church, 328 W. Orange St., Lancaster | hours: 5 to 8 pm | more info

Pennsylvania College of Art & Design

The Pennsylvania College of Art & Design will host its Senior Show featuring works in several types of media, like animation, fine art, illustration and photography, from 46 of its recent graduates.

More information: Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, 204 N. Prince St., Lancaster | Hours: 5 to 9 p.m. | more info

PhotoOlé Photography

PhotOlé will feature works from Shelby Wormley’s collection that chronicles experiences in barber shops and beauty salons during COVID-19, especially in Black and brown communities.

More information: PhotoOlé Photography, 114 E. Chestnut St., Lancaster | hours: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. | more info

pocket books

Pocket Books will host a porch party with drinks and books, as well as gifts for Mother’s Day.

More information: Pocket Books, 903 Wheatland Avenue, Lancaster | hours: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. | more info

Pop of Color Art

Pop of Color Art will host a space-themed art exhibit with several local artists in honor of National Space Day. Art will remain up through the weekend.

More information: Pop of Color Art, 50 N. Queen St., Lancaster | hours: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. | more info

Red Raven Art Company

Red Raven will host works from painters Eric Fowler and Michelle Spiziri. Fowler’s paintings are inspired by Lancaster County buildings and landmarks, like the Lancaster Dispensing Company and the Chameleon Club. Spiziri paints colorful, often surreal works. Both artists will be in attendance for an artist’s reception.

More information: Red Raven Art Company, 138 N. Prince St., Lancaster | hours: 10 am to 8 pm, artist’s reception is from 5 to 8 pm | more info


Tiny Town will host a Kid’s Night Out, where parents can drop off their kids and enjoy a night out for First Friday. Kids will enjoy food, games and crafts. Parents will receive a 10% off coupon for Decades.

More information: Tiny Town, 533 Janet Ave., Lancaster | hours: 5:30 to 8:30 pm | Cost: $25 | more info

United Zion Art Gallery

United Zion will host Kathryn Reis, who works primarily with pastels and oil paints. Reis shows off her de ella love for all-things-nature in her paintings de ella.

More information: United Zion Art Gallery at the United Zion Retirement Community, 722 Furnace Hills Pike, Lititz | Hours: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. | more info

The Ware Center

The Ware Center will host an event in support of two newly released exhibits. The event is called “All Are Welcome” and will feature singers from the St. James Episcopal Church Choir to honor Ukraine. Several refugees will also perform, including individuals from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Peru, Nepal, Chad and Ukraine.

The two exhibits are “Undercover Artists Uncovered,” which is a curated gallery of up-and-coming artists, and “Mementos y derivas” from Cuban-born artist Claudia Rojas.

More information: The Ware Center, 42 N. Prince St., Lancaster | hours: Starts at 6pm | more info

Zoetropolis Cinema Stillhouse

Zoetropolis will host First Friday Fright Night with 1992 flick “Split Second” actors featuring Rutger Hauer and Kim Cattrall.

More information: Zoetropolis Cinema Stillhouse, 112 N. Water St., Lancaster | hours: Starts at 9pm | Cost: $11 | more info


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