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Mold’s Almost Home Dog Rescue look for Eddy’s forever home

Meet Eddy, who is looking for a special home to meet his needs and almost didn’t make it after a poor start in life.

Eddy came into the care of Almost Home dog rescue a month ago having suffered from abuse and neglect.

He is a bully mix, and almost 2 years old, and the rescue was not sure of his outcome when he arrived, describing it as ‘touch and go’.

Eddy had a full health check, and the main priorities included getting him to eat and drink.

He started off with five small meals which were soaked so he could get fluids in. He weighed just 23kg but should be around 35/40kg. He also had muscle wastage, dry skin, bald patches, and more issues.

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Eddy when he first arrived at Almost Home (image: Almost Home dog rescue)

Eddy is now improving day by day and out of the danger zone despite the long road to recovery.

He needs to build muscle, especially on his back legs and this makes him a little wobbly.

One of Eddy’s worrying behaviors was that he didn’t drink. The rescue was soaking his food to get fluids down without upsetting him.

The rescue said: “It was heart-breaking! It’s been a tough road for Eddy and at one point he deteriorated quickly and was refusing food which meant he wasn’t taking in any fluids.

“We had to start syringing him water and then after a while he stuck his head in the bowl of water and started to drink.

“Now Eddy still needs help with drinking and understanding that it’s there all the time, but he is starting to remember. We now feel we are on the road to recovery with Eddy!”

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Eddy is ready to go into a home environment however he needs a very special type of home due to his past abuse and neglect.

The rescue explained: “We would love Eddy to go into a ‘foster with a view to adopt’. This means someone will look after and care for him as a foster dog but if things go as planned, they will adopt him when he is ready.

“The idea of ​​this is so he only has to settle into one home since minimal movement is key for this lad.

“Eddy has come a long way since being us and is going from strength to strength. He desperately needs to bond and find his person from him. This person/home needs the following criteria. We are aware this is a strict list, but this is what is best for Eddy!”

The Leader: Eddy is now feeling much better, but has a long way to go (image: Almost Home dog rescue)Eddy is now feeling much better, but has a long way to go (image: Almost Home dog rescue)

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Eddy needs:

• A home as an only animal. He can walk with dogs but not live with them and isn’t cat friendly.

• A quiet home where someone is around a lot of the time. Not children. Sensitive teenagers plus.

• People who have a passion to bring the best out of Eddy and ensure his needs are met, including being able to travel to the rescue’s vets in Mold and work alongside them with his training and socialisation.

• No emotional-based applications. He will have his own challenges and he is at least a 10-year commitment.

• Eddy takes time to trust you and is vocal when he doesn’t know you. However, he has never shown aggression towards people, just nervousness. This will improve with socialisation. He does adapt well but he needs people with an empathic understanding of him and his needs from him.

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The Leader: Eddy gets some love (image: Almost Home dog rescue)Eddy gets some love (image: Almost Home dog rescue)

He is good in the car and is learning basic commands too. He has never destroyed his bedding or his kennel. The more time he spends with you, the more he adores you.

Could you be just what Eddy is looking for? Please visit their website or complete the adoption application to be considered for Eddy:

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