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‘My neighbor won’t stop feeding my dogs – she’s making them ill’

A dog owner has taken to Reddit for advice as their neighbor continues to feed their dog bones and sausages over the fence, despite asking her not to – and now the dogs are feeling unwell

It’s causing tension at home

As much as many people may like to, choosing your neighbors just isn’t an option.

Sometimes you get lucky, and other times you unfortunately don’t.

One person has taken to Reddit to rant about their infuriating neighbor who keeps feeding their two dogs, despite being asked not to.

The woman who lives next-door has ignored their pleads to stop and continues to throw bones and hot dogs over the fence.

Both dogs are on specialist diets and her ‘treats’ are now making them feel sick.

The post written by Affectionate_City713 reads: “I have two dogs that are outside most of the time, they eat twice a day because they simply won’t eat more. They also get a few treats every now and then.

The dogs have been sick because of the unwanted treats



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“We started noticing dog treats in the shape of bones in our backyard (we don’t use them, our dogs don’t like them) – we shrugged it off and thought they were old.

“Then my sister saw them throwing food at our dogs and kindly asked them to stop, and our neighbors said they thought we were struggling financially and wanted to help us out. My sister said thanks but no thanks.”

A few weeks later, the family noticed more dog treats appearing in their garden, and told them to stop again.

“About 10 minutes ago, I went outside to bring my dog ​​in and noticed the neighbor throwing hot dogs at her, and as soon as she saw me she walks inside,” they wrote.

She throws sausages over and ignores their pleads



“As she’s walking I’m telling her that it’s not necessary for her to feed them but she completely ignores me.

“My dogs are on a diet their vet put them on, and they’ve gotten sick from the food my neighbors throw at them before.

“We’ve told them to stop multiple times before but they just keep ignoring us.”

The dog owner was at a loss about what to do next, and welcomed suggestions from Reddit users.

Ideas included sending the neighbor the vet bill, threatening to sue her and filing a neighborhood complaint.

One person said: “I would recommend putting up a security camera and let them know they’re now being monitored and further violations will warrant legal action for potential endangerment of your animals.”

The family are at a loss over what to do


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Another user believed the neighbors may have a sinister objective, and they should protect their dogs at all costs.

“If they have their own agenda for getting rid of your animals, you need to get proper protections in place now,” they advised.

Though few people agreed it could be a misunderstanding.

To reduce the tension, a person suggested: “One thing you could do is bring them some treats and tell them they can give two a day to your dogs. Instead of going to war with them try to work it out.”

Some people were concerned about the dogs’ welfare and if the family were actually neglecting them.

“It’s not good for your dogs to be left alone outside all day, and if they bark a lot, throwing the treats might be your neighbor’s way of trying to keep them quiet so they’re not barking all day long,” someone wrote.

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