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NJ dog lovers unite around shared obsession: Corgis

DELANCO — In a boisterous pile of ginger fur, knobby wagging tails, and drooping pink tongues, Loki pinned Ralph face first into the damp grass.

Some of their onlooking owners, who sat under a gazebo to avoid the rain drizzling over Pennington Park, stopped mid-conversation to tune into the ruckus of their corgis playing together.

Kim Speece-Greenberg, who was closest to the action with a camera slung around her neck, impersonated a wrestling referee, pretending to hit the ground: “Four! Three! Two! One!”

“Loki is the wrestler of the group,” noted Loki’s owner, Michelle Eck Miller, with a hint of pride.

“Ralph! You didn’t fight,” joked Lauren Kalamar, one of Ralph’s owners. “You gotta fight back!”

The corgis, though, had no interest in constructive criticism, and were already scurrying in different directions toward the next dog to tackle, human to greet, or ball to chase.

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“It’s like being at Disneyland,” said Aubrey Stuart, one of three moderators for South Jersey Corgis, an active social group that has acquired nearly 800 members on Facebook in under a year.

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