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NYC woman accused of fleeing with ex’s dog claims they co-owned pooch

She’s barking back.

The woman accused by her ex-fiancé of fleeing the state with his dog claims he’s spinning a tall tale in an attempt to “pressure” her — and that she’s the one who was actually the pooch’s “primary caregiver,” new court paper shows.

Jenna DeMasi, 32, wrote in an affidavit Tuesday that her ex Keith Glanzman has tried to “bully and intimidate” her and that he’s using the dog they co-owned to continue hounding her following their split.

Glanzman, 33, filed suit against DeMasi last month, claiming that after they called off their wedding, she moved out of their Hudson Square pad taking his dog Frankie and an $11,500 engagement ring to her parents’ home in Connecticut.

But DeMasi fired back Tuesday claiming that Glanzman “is trying to rewrite Frankie’s history with us to bolster this litigation,” according to the affidavit she filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.

DeMasi claims that, in fact, they picked out Frankie from the adoption agency together and that she “cared for her nearly every day ever since the adoption,” her affidavit states.

“What is clear is that [Glanzman] he has tried to press false/fraudulent criminal charges, he has tried to bully and intimidate me, and he is now using the presumably free services of his older brother to pressure me to settle,” she alleges.

A New York man says his ex-fiancée fled the state with his beloved dog after the pair called off their engagement.
Keith Glanzman

Glanzman’s brother is represented on the lawsuit by Michael Glanzman and another attorney, court records show.

DeMasi says she found the furry friend herself online and submitted the application for the dog’s adoption.

Ever since then, DeMasi chipped in for Frankie’s food, paid for the pet insurance and has taken the dog to “nearly all of her vet appointments and paid for the vast majority of services,” the affidavit claims.

During the pandemic, since she had been working from home, DeMasi says she was the dog’s “primary caregiver.”

In his lawsuit, Glanzman said that not only does he solely own the dog — which he adopted himself in 2017 when he was only “casually dating” DeMasi — but his therapist has “directed him to seek emotional support from his dog” to help with his anxiety.

But DeMasi says in the court filing that she had Frankie certified as her emotional support dog before Glanzman did.

A New York man says his ex-fiancée fled the state with his beloved dog.  A photo shows the dog licking the man's face in a selfie.
A lawsuit was filed by Glanzman last month over who has custody of the dog following the break-up.
Keith Glanzman

DeMasi also alleges that Glanzman’s seizures were “brought on by his excessive drinking,” and that his anxiety and need for therapy are mostly due to “his cheating on me … and my concerns about his infidelity,” her affidavit states.

“It is incumbent upon [Glanzman] to address his alcohol issues; it is not for Frankie to assist him as he is trying to do so,” the filing states.

DeMasi alleges that Glanzman is only saying that he’d allow “visitation” with Frankie in an “attempt to control me and try to win back my affections,” according to the affidavit.

As for the engagement ring, DeMasi says she always planned to return the ring to Glanzman at the end of their lease when she received the last payment of his portion of the rent. She says she told Glanzman of her plan in an email last month.

DeMasi says he has since received the last month’s rent and she plans to leave the ring at a jeweler for Glanzman to pick up.

Glanzman asked a judge to grant an emergency order for DeMasi to return the dog. But the judge denied that request at a court hearing Tuesday, according to DeMasi’s lawyer Arlene Gold Wexler.

Gold Wexler declined to comment further.

While the emergency order was not granted, the rest of the case will continue to play out in court over Frankie’s ownership.

Glanzman said, “I strenuously deny the false allegations contained in Ms. DeMasi’s affidavit.”

“I look forward to the hearing date that was set for my application for a preliminary injunction.”


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