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Pet tech startup, Hundeo, brings affordable dog training and nutritional advice to dog owners around the world.

personalized recommendations

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Expert-vetted training lessons

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Games & recipes to keep dogs healthy

New app gives pet owners high quality advice on canine health and nutrition, along with virtual dog training at a fraction of the cost of in-person training.

It’s simply not feasible to offer in-person training to the growing number of dog parents, but the least we can do is give the dogs that help us a fair chance to learn the right and proper behavior.”

— Enrico Bachmann, Hundeo founder

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2022 / — While the number of both dogs and dog owners continues to increase around the world, Berlin-based startup Hundeo aims to democratize access to expert dog advice and keep more dogs from being sent to shelters.

The newly launched mobile app offers high-quality dog ​​training courses, a large variety of ideas for games to play with your dog, and one of the most comprehensive collections of delicious dog recipes.

The app differs from other dog training apps due to its gamification features and a truly holistic approach that goes beyond tricks and training, as it includes everything dog owners need to raise a physically and mentally healthy and happy pup.

Dog owners simply set up a profile with the age, gender, breed, and individual personality traits of their dogs. After that, they automatically receive advice on training methods that are targeted toward their specific canine challenges.

Owners can choose from short, daily 5-minute workouts, progress tracking for dog training as well as engaging social features. Plus, they can capture moments of their dog’s success directly in the app via photo and video – making the training easy and fun.

New daily recipe suggestions and courses around health topics round off the Hundeo program.
Research shows that the covid pandemic initially led to a sharp increase in dog adoptions, and that pets played a key role in positively influencing their owners’ mental wellbeing during isolation.

However, with social distancing restrictions being lifted across the globe, there’s been a simultaneous uptick in the number of dogs being abandoned at shelters. Reasons that are often cited include the inability of new dog owners to help manage their pet’s separation anxiety while they return to the office, coupled with unaffordable training courses that are only available in person.

“It’s simply not feasible to offer in-person training to the growing number of dog parents,” says Hundeo founder Enrico Bachmann, “but the least we can do is give the dogs that help us a fair chance to learn the right and proper behavior . With the right tools, this is actually a lot simpler to achieve than many dog ​​owners are aware of.”

The Hundeo app already has more than 125,000 registered users and is now available in English.
The team plans to add support for Spanish and other languages ​​soon.


About Hundeo
Hundeo was founded in Berlin, Germany by Enrico Bachmann. After becoming a dog parent for the first time in 2017, he quickly realized that caring for a puppy and raising a happy and healthy dog ​​was a more complex challenge than he expected. The information he found online often was inconsistent and at times outright wrong – not to mention him potentially dangerous to him and his dog, Nacho.

He knew that other dog owners must be experiencing similar struggles, so he began to curate helpful, expertly vetted information on his website with topics around canine training, health and nutrition. Enrico’s website started receiving over 200,000 visitors each month, and he went on to publish four books to further help dog owners. In 2021, he then launched the Hundeo app to help keep more dogs healthy, happy and out of shelters.

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