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Pitbulls vs. Wolf: Which Animal Would Win a Combat?

Each the wolf and pit bull canine are very smart members of the canine household which can be recognized for his or her power and loyalty. These animals have totally different strengths and weaknesses that may affect which animal has the perfect alternative in profitable a battle.

The pit bull is a domesticated animal that has been stored as a pet for many years with loads of expertise with people, whereas the wolf is a wild animal that has extra expertise preventing and dwelling a extra aggressive way of life.

Earlier than we get into which animal would win in a battle, let’s check out every animal and the way they differ from one another.

Each the wolf and pit bull canine are very smart members of the canine household which can be recognized for his or her power and loyalty.

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Pitbulls vs. Wolf Comparability

sort pitbull Wolf
Dimension: 18-21 inches 30-35 inches
Weight: 30-85 pound 45-120 pound
Lifespan: 10-15 years 8-13 years
Weight loss program: optionally available carnivore carnivore
Temperament: Attentive, loyal, and energetic Reserved, protecting, and clever
Chunk pressure: 230-250psi 406-1,000psi

The Pitbull

Historical past

Pit bull historical past will be traced to the early 1800s once they had been initially bred as multi-purpose canine that had been utilized in blood sports activities or stored as guard canine. They had been bred from outdated English bulldogs, after which with terriers to create a canine breed that was superb for blood sport.

The time period “pit bull” is used to explain 4 major canine breeds and never a breed itself, together with the American pit bull, Staffordshire bull terrier, American staffordshire terrier, and the American bully.


Pit bulls are thought of medium-sized canine that may be an grownup measurement between 18 to 21 inches and weigh wherever between 30 to 85 kilos. Male pit bulls look barely bigger than females, however each canine have spectacular and muscular physique that makes them look highly effective.

The pit bull look relies on the canine breed, however all pit bulls have one factor in frequent – a barrel-shaped physique with a brief neck and rounded head. Their physique is constructed for preventing.

chew pressure

The pit bull has a mean chew pressure of 230 to 250 psi (kilos per sq. inch), with the chew pressure sometimes being 235 psi. Though pit bulls have a popularity for being robust and aggressive canine which have a lethal chew, their chew pressure is lower than different canine breeds such because the Kangal or Cane Corso and far lower than the wolf’s chew pressure.

There’s additionally a false impression that pit bulls have a jaw that may lock, often called “lockjaw”, however this isn’t true. If this had been true, it could have been a bonus in a battle with a wolf. This false impression seemingly stemmed from the pit bull’s unimaginable chew pressure, and robust biting grip that enables them to carry onto the sufferer for longer.


Pit bulls are attentive, loyal, and energetic canine which can be highly effective and bred for preventing different canine. This offers them the higher hand in a battle with a wolf, as they had been a sensible choice for blood sports activities.

Most pit bulls will not be overly aggressive or concerned with preventing until they’ve been skilled to battle from a younger age, and most pit bulls will solely battle when they’re defending these they love or defending themselves.

Staffordshire bull terrier is under the term pit bull
The time period “pit bull” is used to explain 4 major canine breeds and never a breed itself, together with the Staffordshire bull terrier.


The Wolf

Historical past

The wolf is a sort of canine that was believed to have been round 10,000 to 12,000 years in the past, and so they had been initially believed to be harmful and aggressive animals that people ought to concern. Wolves are native to North America and Eurasia, and they’re wild animals, excluding the few wolves which can be stored in captivity for rehabilitation or conservation functions.

There are a number of totally different species of wolves branching into varied subspecies of wolves that vary in measurement, with the preferred species of wolves being the grey, Himalayan, and Tundra wolves.


Compared to the pit bull, the wolf is way bigger in top and measurement. Most wolves attain a measurement of 30 to 35 inches, with feminine wolves being smaller than males. They will weigh between 45 to 170 kilos, with some bigger wolves weighing as heavy as 175 kilos.

Most giant wolves will be present in Russia, such because the Mackenzie Valley wolf (Canis Lupus Occidentalis) which might weigh as much as 170 kilos. The smallest wolf such because the Arabian wolf usually solely weighs round 45 kilos.

chew pressure

The chew pressure of a wolf is 2 to a few instances greater than the typical pit bull, usually round 400 to 1,000 psi. This makes the chew pressure of the wolf a lot deadlier than the pit bull, due to this fact doing extra hurt than the pit bull may. This appears to be the strongest chew pressure within the canine household, and it provides the wolf a bonus in a battle in opposition to a pit bull.


Wolves are well-known for being clever, reserved, and protecting animals with loads of delight. In relation to preventing different animals, the wolf may have an aggressive intuition that makes them robust and skilled in fights as a result of their wild nature.

Wolf has a bite force of 400-1000 psi
The chew pressure of a wolf is 2 to a few instances greater than the typical pit bull, usually round 400 to 1,000 psi.

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Pitbulls vs. Wolf: The Ultimate Winner

If these two animals had been to get right into a battle, the wolf could be the particular winner, and this is why.

The wolf has a chew pressure of 400 to 1,000 psi, the strongest within the canine household, whereas the pit bull solely has an ordinary chew pressure of 235 psi.

Which means that the wolf’s highly effective jaws will inflict extra harm on the pit bull with each chew. Most wolves even have a bonus as a result of their bigger measurement and heavier weight than the typical pit bull.

In relation to operating and utilizing pace as a bonus in a battle, the wolf can run as much as 38 miles per hour, whereas the pit bull can solely run 30 miles per hour. The wolf has longer legs and a deep and slim chest made for operating, whereas the pit bull’s barrel-shaped physique lined with muscle provides them higher power and stability when standing their floor in a battle.

Each canine have two units of sharp canine tooth that protrude greater than the opposite tooth, that are used for tearing robust meat and getting a grip on their prey. These sharp tooth can create wounds throughout a battle, which implies that even when a pit bull was to lose the battle, they may nonetheless inflict harm on a wolf.

Wolves and pit bulls will be aggressive and protecting, and they’re going to battle to defend themselves. Apart from each being canines, that is one other factor the wolf and pit bull have in frequent. Wolves have extra expertise preventing, as they’re wild animals.

Wolves are recognized to be extremely territorial, which implies that they battle to defend their territory in opposition to different wolves. Nonetheless, the pit bull breed has been used for canine preventing (blood sports activities) up to now or might have a historical past of preventing different canine.

though we don’t advocate placing this to the check by having a pit bull and wolf battle one another, going off the benefits every animal has in a battle has confirmed that almost all wolves will win in a battle in opposition to a pit bull.

The wolf would win a fight against a pit bull
The wolf would win a battle in opposition to a pit bull since they’ve a measurement, weight and chew pressure benefit.



The one state of affairs the place a pit bull is more likely to win in a battle with a wolf is that if the wolf was injured, sick, or nonetheless creating a pup. On this case, it would not be a good battle in opposition to an grownup pit bull.

As a usually bigger, extra aggressive, and stronger wild animal, the wolf is assured to nearly all the time win in opposition to a medium-sized domesticated canine breed just like the pit bull.

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