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ProDog Raw launch their annual ‘Ditch the Dry’ campaign to convince dog owners raw is right.

From Monday 1st August ProDog Raw, a leading creator of raw dog food and treats, will be once again hosting their annual ‘Ditch the Dry’ campaign in an effort to convince dog owners that raw is right, finally dropping the veil on the realities of kibble.

According to ProDog Raw and the many experts behind this campaign, the most effective thing that any dog ​​owner can do to improve their dog’s health and happiness is ditch dry food. As you can see when looking at ProDog Raw’s Ditch the Dry Knowledge Center, raw feeding is surrounded by a plethora of myths that simply aren’t true. Meanwhile, kibble continues to be backed by billion-pound corporations – all whilst leaving some rather important information off the label…

ProDog Raw’s Ditch the Dry Experts, Dr. Nick Thompson (The Holistic Vet), Dr Katie Woodley (The Natural Pet Doctor), and Caroline Griffith (pet industry nutrition consultant & author), are all in support of this campaign’s message and have shared their expertise within the brand’s Knowledge Centre. Furthermore, throughout August they will be joined by additional experts, including Dr Ian Billinghurst and Dr Judy Morgan, in hosting informative, educational Facebook Lives over on ProDog Raw’s Facebook page. The aim of this campaign is to highlight the importance and benefits of raw feeding among as many dog ​​owners as possible; dogs’ wellbeing is ProDog Raw’s top priority and if the research is anything to go by, raw food is the answer.

Some key kibble take-homes that ProDog Raw’s experts want you to know?:

• Dry food can contribute to itchy skin.
• Kibble is highly correlated with cancer in dogs.
• Kibble-fed dogs struggle comparatively more with flatulence.
• Dogs struggle to digest kibble.
• Kibble contributes to obesity in dogs.
• The meat content of kibble is only required to be 4% of the meat specified in the product title eg, a kibble marketed as ‘with chicken’, could only have 4% actual chicken meat in it.
• Kibble processing methods denature nutrients and alter their molecular structure, leading to toxicity in the body and ageing.

Discussing the importance of this campaign, ProDog Raw’s CEO Heidi Maskelyne says:

”I founded ProDog Raw due to my own negative experiences with kibble. After my two beloved dogs passed away from cancer, I found that kibble has been extensively correlated with the illness; I was shaken and took it upon myself to look into the realities of raw feeding further. I spoke with experts, read studies, and ultimately found that raw, fresh diets are the healthiest options for man’s best friend.

At ProDog Raw, our one and only goal is to enrich dogs’ health. Our Ditch the Dry campaign is therefore designed to debunk myths that surround raw feeding and equally lift the lid on the realities of kibble. Unfortunately, kibble is a monumental industry and it’s been highly commercialized; manufacturers don’t want you to know what’s really behind their marketing wins and they successfully hide crucial information from dog owners. Now, we’re sharing these insights to change dogs’ lives for the better.’

In an effort to share this information far and wide, ProDog Raw’s campaign is turning to social media with an exciting competition. If you share a photo of you and your dog on Instagram ditching the dry this August with the hashtags #ditchthedry #prodograw, you could be in with the chance of winning £300 worth of ProDog products.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of raw feeding, and the secret dangers that come with feeding your dog kibble, check out ProDog Raw’s Ditch The Dry page and keep an eye on their Instagram and Facebook, where they’ll be sharing powerful insights every month long.

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