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Rants and Rave – Week of May 6, 2022 | Opinion

Another law being ignored

You decided to own a dog. That’s you’re right, but why are we non-pet owners being subjected to your choice?

Animal Control (countless calls from many) have decided to ignore the laws put in place fro the good of the environment. This dog invasion on our beaches is not only unsanitary – it is changing the natural nature of our beaches.

We now have to sidestep the dog feces deposits, get out of the way of unleashed dogs, dog fights and, most sadly, a huge decline in our native birds trying to feed while their owners look on with pride as their dogs chase them.

Turtle season is especially sad. Dogs running in and out of the hatchlings trying to get to the ocean.

Animal control: do your job. Dogs on our beaches are out of control.

War mongers in Washington DC

Have both sides of our politicians gone mad? Our economy is in the tanks, grass prices rising, food prices. This country is falling apart and they want to go to war with Russia over the Ukraine border to protect their sovereignty.

I have an idea.

How about sending our troops to our border to protect our sovereignty?

They sent millions of our dollars in military equipment to Ukraine and millions of our dollars of military equipment left in Afghanistan. I wish this country would mind its own business and stop meddling in other countries affairs. Innocent lives are lost in these senseless wars, while the politicians sit in their ivory towers spewing out orders.

Thank you Hometown New. I love your paper.

Russian regime

There is a Communist named Putin

who was obsessed with massive

bombing and shoot’n.

A normal man would know

there is no gain

to brutally level and try to

take Ukraine.

Total destruction is his goal

with no regard to the human


No nation deserves a thug

like this

who soul should end up

in the eternal abyss.

Dogs in people places

Gov. DeSantis has put into law that no dogs are allowed in public places unless they are a “service dog.”

No comfort dogs, family member pets, loves of your life, etc.

I have witnessed dogs depositing feces in Publix. Dogs urinating on merchandise in Lowes, dogs sniffing the fresh vegetables in Walmart and dogs on their owners laps with paws on the table in Steak n Shake.

Subjecting the public to this behavior is not acceptable or lawful.

People with allergies have been completely ignored with this unsanitary practice.

“What is woke?” response

My comment is directed to April 22nd edition and the titled, “What is Woke”?, which I can say was his or her right to express their feelings they have about our Governor DeSantis. I have a different take on this and it’s based on the old saying “You don’t know someone until you have walked around in their shoes”.

No one is perfect and to label our Governor “an authoritarian” without examples (it takes more then one example) and label “all far right wing politicians”, as if that is the truism. And then to go on and say the same right wingers “won’t be happy until this country emulates Putin/Russia model of government” is tantamount to hate speech which is what this Rant and Rave is about – hate.

Woke came about many years ago because some large corporations thought it would be in their best interests to go with the social injustice trend in America for their mutual benefit ($) so they “woke up.” There is nothing wrong with “social justice”, it’s how some individuals try to push their agenda on us which seems to me all one sided. Promoting Social Justice should be all encompassing not a target to any one individual. By the way Putinism is more like Fascism and we are not there yet.

God Bless America.

Masks are still helpful

You know, if I see people that don’t want to wear a mask, I think that’s great that they feel confident about the strength of their immune systems, but from my past experience I recover slowly and poorly from flus or colds.

I too, hate the uncomfortable feeling from a mask, but I just believe in the process of filtering out impurities. Every engine is supposed to have an air filter to keep out impurities, and when a strong biological organism is in our ambient environment that would be dangerous to inhale, I use a filter…a mask, to protect my “intake”.

Everyone going violent over being forced to wear a mask, how come those same people are willing to accept wearing a seatbelt everyday with no complaints? They are being forced, by law to wear one.

I’m just glad I don’t judge anyone about masks or no masks, cause everyone is just practicing what they believe, I never hear about any surgeons refusing to wear a mask during an operation, so they being highly educated people, must feel a smart reason for wearing them.

rising inflation

Anyone notice the lowest price foods in supermarket are sold out?

The people on social security must be having a hard time eating with inflation.

Our President says nothing. Imagine the plight of homeless people with a hot summer coming.

Majors in Disarray

I am very concerned about the upcoming decision on rezoning the Majors Golf Course to enable its sale to developers who would replace this important resource with nearly 500 new houses. If rezoning is approved, the quality of life in Palm Bay will suffer.

The Majors Golf Course provides vital recreational, social, and environmental benefits to our city. Its loss would diminish existing property values, eliminate a potentially strong business, and remove an important social and recreational cornerstone from our city. Conversion to residential property would add population and traffic congestion that would negatively impact every aspect of life in our community. Palm Bay is at risk of losing its small-town feel, beauty, and pleasant atmosphere through poor management of growth and development.

The management practices of the Majors’ current owner seem to be aimed at undermining the success of the business to promote the sale to developers. Rezoning would enable them to take advantage of our city and its citizens to get rich from the destruction of this important Palm Bay resource.

We depend on our City Council to control how the inevitable growth of our city occurs. It is their responsibility to protect the qualities that make Palm Bay such a wonderful place to live. We all need to make it clear to the City Council that we will support those council members who follow through on their promises to protect our city and the values ​​and desires of the people they were elected to represent.


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