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Russia Has Constructed Its First Batch of Terrifying Apocalypse Torpedoes

Russia Receives First Poseidon Nuclear TorpedoesAlexyz3d – Getty Pictures

  • The Russian Navy has taken supply of its first Poseidon long-range nuclear torpedoes.

  • The torpedoes, powered by a nuclear reactor, can outrun NATO submarines and torpedoes.

  • Poseidon features a 2-megaton nuclear warhead designed to smash coastal cities and ports.

Russia has reportedly taken possession of the primary Poseidon nuclear-tipped torpedoes. The Poseidon has been underneath growth since 2015 and is provided with a warhead greater than 100 occasions the explosive energy of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The weapon is designed to make sure US coastal cities stay in danger from nuclear assault ought to Washington determine to scale up its missile defenses.

In line with TASSa part of Russian state media, the primary batch of Poseidon torpedoes has been manufactured and can quickly be delivered to arm the Russian Navy submarine Belgorod. The report doesn’t point out what number of torpedoes are included within the batch, however naval skilled HI Sutton believes Belgorod is designed to hold as much as six Poseidons without delay.

Poseidon is a big, nuclear-powered torpedo designed to assault enemy coastal targets from hundreds of miles away. Poseidon is about 65 ft lengthy and 6.5 ft large, making it the most important torpedo ever deployed. It is so giant that it is arguably an underwater drone. Using nuclear energy offers it practically limitless vary. Theoretically, a weapon like Poseidon could possibly be launched from a port or naval base, however deploying it on a submarine makes it tougher to find and destroy.

poseidon torpedo

A dimension comparability of the manufacturing model of Poseidon versus growth fashions. HI Sutton/Covert Shores

Vary is not the one good thing about nuclear energy. Poseidon can even attain speeds of as much as 70 knots, or 80 miles per hour on land. That might make it unattainable for NATO submarines and torpedoes to meet up with a Poseidon racing to focus on—for now, anyway. No nation has ever fielded a weapon able to transferring at 80 knots underwater, so no efficient protection presently exists.

Consultants imagine Poseidon is armed with a 2-megaton thermonuclear warhead, the most important warhead fielded by any nation in a long time and the equal of two,000 kilotons of TNT. The atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki had explosive yields between 15 and 21 kiltons, respectively. A 2-megaton thermonuclear bomb detonated on land will create a fireball 1 mile in diameter and trigger third-degree burns at distances of practically 9 miles. Dropped on New York Metropolissuch a bomb would kill 1.7 million folks and injure one other 2 million.

Belgorod started life in 1992 as an Oscar II guided missile submarine. The Russian Navy was unable to finish the unfinished submarine for greater than 20 years, resulting from lack of funds, however within the mid-2010s, building was restarted with the goal of ending her as a “particular mission auxiliary” submarine.

The “particular mission” modifications included six extra-large torpedo tubes to hold and launch Poseidon torpedoes. Belgorod is 583 ft lengthy, roughly 50 ft large, and displaces 30,000 tons totally loaded—making her 50 % bigger by displacement than the US Navy’s Ohio-class missile submarines.

belgorod poseidon kanyon

A cutaway of the particular mission submarine Belgorod. HI Sutton/Covert Shores

Russia is believed to have a requirement for 30 Poseidons. Poseidon is just not a primary strike weapon that can destroy US cities out of the blue. It is giant, noisy, and as soon as launched, it would take days to achieve its goal. The torpedo is supposed to make sure that, within the occasion the US scales up its missile protection program to cope with nuclear strikes from Russia, Moscow will nonetheless have the means to threaten the US, particularly naval bases able to reloading American ballistic missile submarines and main financial targets similar to Los Angeles or New York Metropolis.

The Poseidon report comes from TASSa Russian state-controlled media supply. TASS reporting ought to be taken with a grain of salt; prior to now, the information company has reported Russia’s destruction of 200 Ukrainian navy helicopters, or greater than the nation had in the beginning of the warfare, and 367 fight plane, excess of the Ukrainian Air Pressure really operated. It has additionally under-reported Russian casualties and warfare crimes in opposition to civilians.

Might the report be made up? Presumably, however Poseidon is a recognized system and a precedence for Russia. On the minimal, it exhibits that Russia nonetheless desires the world to worry the brand new weapon—and Moscow’s nuclear arsenal.

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