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Washing a pet’s mattress can assist cut back stale odors

Dr Marty Becker

Q: Is there a rule on pet laundry? Ought to I be washing their beds?

A: I would not say there is a rule concerning the frequency of laundering pet bedding, however there are some issues to contemplate. A very powerful stands out as the sensitivity of your nostril. In the event you discover that your property is beginning to odor an excessive amount of like your pets — and never in a great way — a part of the explanation could possibly be that pet bedding is beginning to develop a stale odor.

You most likely wash your sheets not less than weekly to take away the buildup of physique oils, hair, perspiration, useless pores and skin cells and micro organism that construct up from sleeping on them. The identical factor occurs when your pets lie on their beds. And it builds up extra quickly as a result of pets do not put on PJs they usually do not bathe each day — though cats, after all, would argue that their tongue baths are rather more cleaning than your individual ablutions.

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