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Weekly Top News: Man Pleads Guilty After Recording His Dogs Rip Apart Wild Animals, 120 Lbs Beef Recalled for E. Coli, Burp-Catching Mask Invented For Cows and More!

Each Friday, One Green Planet brings you the week’s top news. For those who don’t have a lot of time to look through the news each day, this is will be a great resource and an easy way to catch up! Here you’ll find different categories of news, a synopsis of the top stories, and links to each article published during the week.

1. Animal Rights and Welfare News

Multiple rats stuck on glue trap

Source: NRA Aji Breast/Shutterstock

As always we had a ton of news to cover in the world of animal rights and welfare. This week we saw happy and hopeful stories, as well as some grim and depressing ones. Some of the more notable stories included Federal Reports Expose Pigs Beaten and Abused at Maker of ‘Old Folks’ Sausage, At Least 85 Wild Horses Dead After Unknown Highly Contagious Disease Spreads, Dog Behavior and Traits Have Little To Do With Breed, New Study Finds , Cruel Science Experiments on Crabs and Lobsters Could Finally End After Animal Sentience Law Passes in the UK, State Agencies Teaming Up To End Link Between Child Abuse and Animal Abuse, England Bans Cruel Glue Traps Following Unanimous Vote in House of Lords, and New AI Technology Eliminates Need For Aquatic Animal Testing!

Here are the other important animal stories of the week:

2. Earth and Environmental News

bottled water

Source: ericlefrancais/Shutterstock

There were numerous stories about the environment this week which gave us hope for the future and reminded us how far we still have to go. Some of the more memorable stories included US Installed Enough Solar Energy to Power Over 23 Million Homes in 2021, Report Finds, Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells Are An Untapped US Green Energy Goldmine, Bottled Water Giant Admits to Lying About Recycling and Sustainability, and Kering Group Invests in Lab Grown Cow-Free Leather.

Here are the other top earth stories of the week:

3. Plant-Based Food News

Shaquille O'Neal

Source: Rum Adar/Shutterstock

There was plenty of excitement this week in the world of plant-based food news. Some of the more memorable stories included 325-Pound Shaquille O’Neal Announces He Has Stopped Eating Meat!, Leonardo DiCaprio Joins Lewis Hamilton’s Neat Food Co. as Investor, and Seven Countries Join Working Group To Support Growing Plant-Based Sector.

Here are the other top plant-based food stories of the week:

4. Natural Health News

Lone Star Tick

Source: Jay Ondreicka/Shutterstock

Once again we were reminded that animal agriculture is a breeding ground for diseases in Over 120,000 Pounds of Beef Recalled for Possible E. Coli Contamination and Colorado Inmate Becomes First Case in US Diagnosed with Avian Influenza Virus. Plus, a bite from this arachnid may not be the worst thing in the world in Lone Star Tick That Makes People Allergic to Red Meat is Back in DC Area.

Here are the other top natural health stories of the week:

5. Human Interest Stories

Child holding Palestinian flag

Source: abu adel – photo/Shutterstock

This week we saw many human interest petitions, including Petition: Charge Parents Who Give Kids Unsupervised Access to Guns, Petition: Provide More Resources For High School Survivors of Sexual Assault, Petition: Cease Attacks on Palestinians and Let Them Pray in Peace, and Petition : Pass The Affordable Insulin Now Act.

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