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Employee Exposes Pet Meals Provider’s Expired, Bug-Infested Canine Treats

A person on TikTok named James Salvinski claims to have as soon as been an worker of Platinum Pet Treats — a pet provide retailer on 1880 Holste Street in Northbrook, Illinois.

In two movies posted by Salvinski, he claims that Platinum Pet Treats is forcing him to partake in unsafe enterprise practices that might doubtlessly endanger the lives of individuals’s beloved pets.

James Salvinski claims that Platinum Pet Treats are altering expiration dates and promoting treats with bugs in them.

“That is my first TikTok video, and sadly, I’ve to make it,” he mentioned. “What I am pressured to do, as you see in entrance of me right here, there are plenty of tags.”

He claims that the tags are expiration dates for merchandise that Platinum Pet Treats sells and likewise claims that it is his job to use them to the packaging.

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“I’ve to vary them in order that they’re now not expired and we might promote them,” he claims.

“Now, these are to your pets that you just love with all of your coronary heart. I’ve two canines and I can’t give these merchandise to my German Shepherd or my American Bull Canine.”


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