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World’s tallest dog crowned as ‘gentle giant’ Zeus the Great Dane

Zeus the two-year-old American Great Dane from Texas, US, has broken a Guinness World Record after being confirmed as the tallest living dog in the world, standing at 1,046 meters

Zeus often gets asked if people can ride on him

A new Guinness World Record has been confirmed as Zeus the Great Dane becomes the World’s Tallest Dog.

Standing at 1.046 meters (3 ft 5.18 in), the two-year-old “gentle giant” achieved his title on March 22, 2022, after his record-breaking height was measured by his vet.

Owner Brittany Davis, from Bedford, Texas, USA, says she always dreamed of having a Great Dane named Zeus, but was a little nervous of his humongous size at first – then soon “fell in love with him”.

Brittany told Guinness World Records: “He’s been a big dog since we got him, even for a puppy. He had huge paws.”

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When people see Zeus in the street, they often comment on his size and he regularly has people asking: “Can I ride him? Does he have a saddle?”

Zeus was bought as a gift to Brittany from her brother Garrett when he was just eight weeks old.

He was the largest pup in a litter of five and born to a gray and white merle sire and brindle dam.

While Great Danes were originally bred for hog hunting, Brittany says Zeus prefers a much more relaxed approach to life.

You’ll likely find him snoozing by the window, walking around the neighborhood and roaming local farmer’s markets – where he’s become a bit of a celeb.

Brittany says it’s like having another person at home


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Brittany says Zeus is “pretty famous at the Dallas Farmer’s Market” and everyone knows him, garnering lots of extra treats and attention.

Frequent stares and surprised reactions are common occurrences when Zeus is out in public, so Brittany is used to it.

Speaking about his colossal diet, Brittany says it can be quite expensive and urges those interested in owning a large breed to be prepared.

Zeus enjoys 12 cups of large breed dog food every day and will occasionally relish in a fried egg, bully sticks or his favorite treat: ice cubes.

His favorite snack is a fried egg or bowl of ice cubes


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The large canine is generally well-behaved at home, but his big size usually means he gets into even bigger trouble.

Brittany often catches him stealing the baby’s dummy off the counters and mopping up any leftover food on the kitchen side.

While Zeus towers over other breeds, his very best friend is a miniature Australian shepherd named Zeb, who lives with two other dogs and a cat.

His feline sister Penelope runs the house, and there is a little rivalry between them – so they have a “mutual agreement to stay away from each other.”

Two-year-old Zeus is in very good health


Guinness World Records)

Although Great Danes tend to have a shorter life span than other dogs, Brittany says Zeus is in great health and his vets are always amazed.

The idea to enter Zeus into Guinness World Records came around at a family gathering, when they realized Zeus was taller than the former tallest dog.

Brittany says it’s been a “whirlwind” and “never thought we would own the largest living dog.”

Zeus brings her family plenty of love and joy, and his latest achievement has just made him even more special than he already was.

He was already a little celebrity in his local area


Guinness World Records)

Coincidentally, the tallest dog ever was also a gray Great Dane named Zeus, who sadly passed away at the age of five in 2014.

The huge hound, owned by Kevin and Denise Doorlag in Otsego, Michigan, US, reached heights of 7 ft 4 in.

The news of Zeus’ record comes after the World’s Oldest Dog was confirmed as 21-year-old chihuahua TobyKeith.

TobyKeith was born on 9 January 2001 and his owner Gisela Shore is thrilled by his official title, saying: “It definitely brought a big smile on my face!”

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